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Sources say Fuji is expected to launch a medium-frame camera GFX100S II early next year: 100-megapixel five-generation processor, $7499

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Thank netizens and independent photographers for their clue delivery!, November 28, according to foreign media fujirumors, Fuji is expected to launch a medium-frame GFX100S II in early 2024 to replace the current GFX100S at a price of $7499 ( Note: about 54743 yuan), still lower than the $9999 of the original Fuji GFX100.

It is reported that GFX100S II, which claims to be "the most powerful medium-frame camera in Fuji's history," is expected to use a new 100-megapixel sensor and a fifth-generation processor, a new generation of focus tracking function, which can detect and identify animals, vehicles, birds and so on. In addition, the machine will also bring more new video features, such as tracking autofocus video touch, waveform monitor and deformed wide screen mode.

According to a previous report by, the blogger "Federation of Independent photographers" also exposed spy photos of the picture camera in Fuji GFX100 II. summarized the exposure parameters of this camera as follows:

A new 100-megapixel BSI backlight sensor

5th generation processor

8fps mechanical shutter

A new generation of focusing function

Removable EVF

Removable battery handle

8K video recording

4K60p video recording

10 bit 422

Internal recording ProRes format

Support for waveforms

Support movie wide screen mode

Full-size HDMI interface

With Ethernet port

Compatible with external cooling fan

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