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Sichuan carried out the management of fraudulent and harmful text messages such as "points due for exchange", and the province intercepted 1069 messages in the past month.

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Shulou( Report-- news on November 28, according to the official account of Sichuan Provincial Communications Administration, in the past month, the province has intercepted and dealt with a total of 10.69 million fraudulent and harmful text messages, of which 5.31 million were dealt with "points due for exchange."

The Sichuan Provincial Communications Administration said that preliminary results have been achieved in the management of fraudulent and harmful SMS messages such as "points due and redemption":

First, we should firmly grasp the source management of short message ports. We will strengthen the management of real-name registration of new short message ports and their extended sub-ports, actively promote the real-name registration of existing short message ports, promote the implementation of the reverse checking mechanism for sending port numbers of fraudulent and harmful short messages, and strictly check and deal with all sending ports in the province. timely notify the source management unit of the sending port outside the province, and compact the source governance responsibility of the enterprise.

The second is to actively promote the monitoring and disposal of fraud-related information. Make overall use of the relevant technical means of basic telecommunications enterprises in the province, strengthen the sharing of analysis models and risk information industry, and effectively improve the efficiency of fraud-related information monitoring and disposal.

Tu Yuan previously reported that ZTE released the industry's first "Zhiyu" SMS anti-fraud management system based on a large model in October, which manages from the root dimensions such as the intention and semantics of fraudulent messages, and effectively improves the recognition accuracy, interception rate and recall rate of fraudulent messages.

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