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The first round of voting for the Chinese OS name of Meizu Flyme ended, and Unbounded, Qingyun and Yunjie were selected as 16 into 8.

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According to news on November 28, Meizu Technology announced on November 9 that he would solicit Chinese OS names for Flyme. Three intended names will be selected, and the creator will receive a copy of Huawei Mate 60 Pro, Xiaomi 14 Pro and Meizu 20 PRO each.

On November 27, Meizu officially opened the Flyme Chinese OS name Voting. After completing the three rounds of 32-into-16, 16-into-8, and 8-into-4 voting, the final round will be held at the press conference site. 4 out of 1 vote will produce the final Flyme Chinese OS name.

The first round of 32 into 16 voting is over. Boundless, Lingxi, Dream, Swan, Light Cloud, Phantom, Vientiane, Xinghan, Feiyang, Stardome, Canglan, Ling Lei, Yunjie, Lingyue, Lingyun and OneWorld have been selected for 16 into 8 voting. Voting hours are 12:00:00-23:59:59 on November 28, each user has only one chance to vote in each round.

As of the post, 938 people had participated and 417 had voted for "Unbounded".

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