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Cumulus education is student-oriented, constructing a diversified service system to escort students to become talents.

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Recently, recruitment "Talent Market Hotspot Express in the Third Quarter of 2023" shows that among the 13 major industry categories,"IT /communication/electronics/Internet" is the most popular industry for job-seekers, and the proportion of job-seekers who expect to job-hop is as high as 18.2%. In the digital age, IT technology is surging, the Internet industry is changing with each passing day, and more and more job seekers are rushing in.

And then there is a great deal to be done. As the TOP brand of IT vocational education, Cumulus Education always adheres to the educational concept of "everyone can become a talent," cumulatively serves 30000 + students nationwide for smooth employment, and has won honorary titles such as "Beijing City Gazelle Enterprise" and "Member Unit of China Vocational Education Society." Facing the trend of Internet science and technology and the change of talent market demand, Cumulus Education continues to do a solid job in its own teaching and research innovation, curriculum iteration, teaching improvement, employment breakthrough and multi-service system upgrading.

1. Cumulus education creates a high-quality teaching service system to make every student "learn well"

Cumulus education adheres to the initial intention of education, focuses on the core drive of three key teaching links of "professional teaching and research-classroom teaching-student learning," and focuses on the cultivation of high-skilled talents in the new era. First of all, in the teaching and research work, cumulus education has always been at the forefront of the market industry. Through regular market research, the iterative curriculum system and actual combat projects are updated in real time. The curriculum setting not only matches the current industry demand but also can be moderately advanced. In this way, what is learned is the curriculum that is really needed by the market and has employment prospects. For example, in the AI Short Video Master Class, Short videos are deeply integrated with the current popular AIGC technology to keep up with the industry heat and explore more ideas and opportunities.

Secondly, in classroom teaching, cumulus education adopts the international advanced CBE teaching mode: that is, taking "competent post requirements" as the starting point, at the same time, it is clear that the teaching objectives of lecturers and the learning objectives of trainees are completely matched, the teaching method combining theoretical teaching with actual project practice is adopted, and the ability of students to analyze and solve problems is paid attention to, so as to better match the post requirements in the future. Finally, in the process of students 'learning, cumulus education advocates the concept of "happy learning." At the same time, through the methods of goal disassembly, group mutual assistance, integral encouragement, etc., it forges students' ability of independent learning, independent thinking, induction and innovation, and helps students transform into high-skilled talents conforming to the development of contemporary society.

2. Cumulus education refines the full-link employment service system to make each student "employment stick"

In the employment work, cumulus education adopts the integration of schools and enterprises with deep integration. Through "three employment ability cultivation, five-star employment guidance courses, personalized employment value-added service, professional employment guidance team and one-stop employment service platform," the employment service system is constantly improved, and the "last kilometer" from classroom to workplace is fully opened up for students, so as to "support the horse and send a journey" for students.

Cumulus Education creates a commercial-level employment training base to simulate real work scenarios for trainees; introduces real projects of first-line large factories, such as intelligent rental housing of artificial intelligence specialty, video community platform construction and other projects, and the trainees are assigned to different roles of the project team to experience the working mode of real collaborative development of enterprises; Set up five-star employment guidance courses, starting from "common interview questions on the Internet" to "professional image building, work direction grasping, simulation work meeting" and other workplace problems dismantling, leading students to see the real workplace, improve workplace adaptability and competitiveness.

3. Cumulus education takes many measures to build a one-stop service on campus to help every student become a happy person.

"Teaching and research teaching, employment guidance and student service" has always been the "troika" for cumulus education to cultivate high-quality talents. Based on this, Cumulus Education has always been committed to providing students with one-stop services from enrollment to employment, covering all aspects of study and life:

In the process of freshmen's admission, cumulus education gives timely admission care to freshmen. Each principal leads professional teachers to carry out one-to-one career planning for each freshman, so that students can define their future career goals at the beginning of their study; In daily campus life, Cumulus Education advocates that teachers and students build a harmonious campus together, establish "Campus Quality Education Center," hold multi-form campus activities, such as campus basketball match, essay writing & design contest, theme series lectures, colorful series lecture halls, etc., to create a warm, clean, rich and interesting, full of vitality colorful campus; In addition to professional knowledge learning, Cumulus Education also pays close attention to everyone's physical and mental health growth at all times, and establishes "Healthy Heart Club": Here, students can read rich and interesting books to enrich themselves, but also can talk face-to-face with favorite teachers, rest assured to say their own troubles, from learning difficulties to career growth planning, etc., cumulus teachers will give timely targeted suggestions from a warm and professional perspective to help students adjust their mood to face learning and life in a better state; At the same time, cumulus education actively explores the training mode of home-school co-education, builds a platform for communication between cumulus cloud and parents, and promotes the all-round development of students 'morality, intelligence, physical fitness and beauty.

Cumulus Educational Basketball

Education is a complex project, but education is also a conscientious project. Practice education with responsibility and serve sincerely. Since its establishment, Cumulus Education has been committed to being a professional, warm and responsible IT vocational education brand. As the guide and enabler on the road to success for job seekers in the "Internet +" industry, Cumulus Education will always keep up with market demand, integrate high-quality resources, create quality classrooms, link employment channels, perfect service system, pursue excellent results, and let every student have a brilliant life!

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