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Wi-Fi 7 Terminal Certification accelerates Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 end-to-end solution continues to lead the Advanced Connectivity experience change

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Recently, a number of brands have announced that their products have taken the lead in passing the domestic Wi-Fi 7 certification, which indicates that users will officially benefit from the leading features and experience brought by Wi-Fi 7 technology. With the evolution of Wi-Fi technology, today's Wi-Fi 7 network is more powerful than ever before, responding more easily to the connectivity needs of users and businesses in different scenarios, and helping to create more innovative use cases. Based on the faster connection speed, multiple connections and adaptive connections brought by Wi-Fi 7, Qualcomm first launched a rich end-to-end Wi-Fi 7 solution and added unique technologies such as high frequency concurrent multiple connections (HBS) to help transform the connection experience and open a new era of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Over the years, Qualcomm has actively participated in and promoted the industry's Wi-Fi band division, standard setting, technology and application innovation and evolution, and continues to lead Wi-Fi innovation through a wealth of solutions. Data show that as of June this year, Qualcomm's shipments of Wi-Fi products ranked first in the world; in the past decade, Qualcomm shipped more than 7.5 billion Wi-Fi chips worldwide, which are used in a wide range of fields such as mobile phones, PC, routers, Internet of things devices and Internet of things cars.

In 2022, Qualcomm first released three commercial end-to-end Wi-Fi 7 solutions, including the third generation Qualcomm professional networking platform for routing network side, Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 immersive home networking platform for home scenarios, and Qualcomm FastConnect 7800 mobile connection system for mobile phones, notebooks and other terminals. Among them, the third generation Qualcomm professional networking platform is the highest performance commercial Wi-Fi 7 network infrastructure platform combination in the world. It opens a new era of 10Gbps Wi-Fi network for enterprise access points, Wi-Fi mesh networks, operator gateways and top home routers. Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 immersive home networking platform uses modular chip architecture, designed to meet the needs of today's home super networking, can bring the next generation of multi-connection mesh network functions; on the terminal side, FastConnect 7800 mobile connection system is the world's first to adopt HBS and the fastest Wi-Fi 7 solution, with its unparalleled advanced network performance and wireless audio, set a new benchmark for the connectivity field.

Qualcomm end-to-end Wi-Fi 7 solution

Rahul Patel, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Connectivity, Broadband and networking at Qualcomm Technologies, said, "Qualcomm continues to lead the industry with its leading Wi-Fi 7 platform, which helps unleash the great potential of every product area we cover and open the way for the full deployment of Wi-Fi technology. Congratulations to the first partners to adopt the Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 solution. Users can feel the significant improvement in connectivity when using products based on Qualcomm FastConnect 7800 mobile connectivity systems, third-generation Qualcomm professional networking platforms and immersive home networking platforms, all of which achieve the best Wi-Fi 7 performance and cost optimization for the Chinese market. "

The new features of Wi-Fi 7 are transformative in the field of connectivity, defined in response to changes in the global wireless spectrum to cope with today's congested networks, and higher throughput and lower latency make it an important driver for enabling next-generation applications. Based on the optimal combination of latency, speed and capacity, Wi-Fi 7 will become the core of the most cutting-edge application scenarios such as extended reality (XR), meta-universe, social games and edge computing, while bringing new breakthroughs to networking scenarios such as home, enterprise, and industry. Based on each generation of new Wi-Fi technology standards, Qualcomm is committed not only to providing extreme throughput, but also to significantly improving network performance such as low latency by deploying key enhancements in advance.

Taking the high-frequency concurrent multi-connection technology first supported by Qualcomm FastConnect 7800 mobile connection system as an example, as one of Qualcomm's unique advantages, it can use two Wi-Fi radios to realize the high-frequency connection of four data streams in the 5GHz and / or 6GHz band, so that the terminal data streams can be superimposed to obtain higher throughput. Based on this technology, FastConnect 7800 supports all multi-connection modes, and users can experience the lowest latency and interference by using 320MHz channels in the increasingly popular 6GHz band (where 6GHz is available) or 240MHz channels in the globally available 5GHz band, enjoy jitter-free connections and peak speeds, and take full advantage of the excellent performance of Wi-Fi 7.

In addition, Qualcomm multi-connection mesh network technology specially built for tri-band Wi-Fi 7 platform is also a new dynamic management mode. Compared with the previous generation Wi-Fi 6 160MHz bandwidth mesh network, the capacity of Wi-Fi 7 multi-connection mesh network is increased by 3.5 times. In the same location at home, the theoretical connection speed of terminal devices can be increased by up to 2 times. The latency of real-time applications can be reduced by up to 75%, and the entire home network will truly achieve a high-performance, low-latency, house-wide Wi-Fi mesh network with thousands of megabits.

At present, Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 solutions have been adopted in the published terminals, including smartphones such as Xiaomi 14 series and Xiaomi 13 series, Redmi K60 Pro, iQOO12, one plus 11 and vivo X90 Pro +, as well as routing network-side terminals such as Xiaomi 10 Gigabit Router, Xiaomi Router BE7000, Xinhua 3 H3C Magic BE18000, etc. As more terminals using Wi-Fi 7 technology have passed Wi-Fi 7 certification in China recently, the era of Wi-Fi 7 is coming at an accelerated pace, and users will get unprecedented new connection experiences and use cases.

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