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Kia China's first EV5 intelligent electric SUV model has been launched in Jiangsu factory, selling from 149800 yuan.

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Shulou( Report-- November 28 news, Kia EV5 in Guangzhou Auto Show officially listed, selling 14.98-174800 yuan.

Yang Honghai, chief operating officer of Kia China, said today that the first EV5 intelligent electric SUV in Kia China was officially launched at the 4.0 intelligent chemical plant in Yancheng, Jiangsu, and began to be sold globally.

As the first global strategic model of Kia to appear on the market in China, EV5 is developed based on the special E-GMP platform for Kia electric vehicles and locates the household pure electric SUV.

149800 yuan for 530 Light version

159800 yuan for 530 Air version

174800 yuan for 530 Land version

The size of the new car is 4615/1875/1715mm, wheelbase 2750mm, equipped with BYD Ferrous Iron Phosphate Lithium Battery and 160kW Weft Motor, front McPherson + rear multi-link independent suspension.

The standard battery version of the car carries a 64.2kWh battery pack with a range of 530km.

In terms of interior decoration, the entire center console uses a large number of lines, and the visual effect is angular and angular. The car adopts the popular suspension double screen design and is equipped with a very simple UI. Under the center console, you can see a row of operating areas that look like capacitive buttons, but they are also equipped with some physical keys and knobs. In addition, the new car is equipped with a four-spoke steering wheel and a guard joystick.

In terms of the back row, the rear seat of the new car is supported by a flat form, and the visual effect shows that a plane of 180 °can be formed after falling down.

The new car will provide a folding table at the back (right and rear only) and a 4L central drawer refrigerator. In addition, the car will also provide 7 airbags, L2 + level auxiliary driving system, support semi-automatic lane change + remote control intelligent parking and other functions.

In other aspects, the car supports OTA vehicle upgrades, UWB digital keys, a new generation of car entertainment system, efficient heat pump air conditioning, and supports 220V external discharge inside / outside the car.

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