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Ministry of Housing and Construction: strengthen the overall construction of supporting energy facilities such as charging stations

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Shulou( Report--

On November 28,, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the guidance on comprehensively promoting the Construction of an Integrated Urban Transport system.

Among them, it is proposed to strengthen the overall construction of supporting energy facilities such as charging stations. In accordance with the principles of moderately advanced, intensive, efficient and flexible compatibility, we will promote the coordinated construction of supporting energy facilities and urban transport infrastructure, strengthen the optimization of the layout and scale control of facilities such as urban refueling stations, charging and replacement stations, and comprehensive energy stations, and effectively link up with power facilities, oil and gas pipelines and other special plans. On the premise of ensuring safety, we should strengthen the mixed utilization of storage facilities and encourage the construction of "multi-station in one" supporting energy supply stations. Combined with the transformation of old urban areas and the construction of complete communities, we will promote the co-construction of shared charging infrastructure in urban residential areas, and make rational use of the surrounding roads to build roadside charging infrastructure.

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