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The wisdom of the in-car art on Zhijie S7 has been upgraded to enhance the driving experience with natural interaction and active service.

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On November 28, Huawei Smart car's first car, the Smart World S7, was officially launched in Shanghai. As a high-energy large-space smart car, the Wisdom S7 provides you with a further intelligent cockpit experience. Among them, the car intelligent assistant Xiaoyi not only attracted wide attention by accessing the Pangu model, but also brought us functions such as awakening short words, customizing timbre, wisdom booking tickets and watching movies. At the same time, Xiaoyi suggests that the ability to sense the air index and the temperature in the car will also make it easier to travel.

Pangu big model is blessed, and the small art in the car is incarnated as a personal travel consultant.

Xiaoyi in the intellectual world S7 is connected to the Pangu model and has the ability to understand natural language as well as a strong knowledge reserve of instrument information and car use. Even novice drivers need not worry when they hit the road. When they encounter flashing dashboard icons or other emergencies, just ask Xiaoyi: "Xiaoyi Xiaoyi, what's wrong with my car?" Xiaoyi Xiaoyi, what is the recommended tire pressure of my car? Xiaoyi can provide accurate responses or operation safety matters, and become a personal consultant for users to travel.

The related functions supported by the Pangu model support the entire series of Huawei Smart cars with HarmonyOS version 4.0 in Chinese mainland, which is expected to be experienced after the OTA version is upgraded in March 2024.

Awakening is easier and you can customize the timbre, and the interaction between Xiaoyi and Xiaoyi is naturally warm.

When traveling with friends, if we want to interact with intelligent assistants in the process of chatting, we often need to say "Xiaoyi" in order to wake up and complete the instructions, which is very inconsistent with the daily communication habits. In order to achieve more natural and convenient interaction, Xiaoyi's awakening words have been simplified. By adding "Xiaoyi" before the instruction, Xiaoyi can understand your intentions and achieve manipulation. For example, "Xiaoyi, sports mode". Like talking to people, wisdom and convenience are full!

Car Xiaoyi benefits from the voice activation technology of deep fusion, which realizes ultra-high precision voice capture in complex acoustic environment, overcomes the technical problem of recognizing interference in short word awakening, and is more in line with the actual speaking habits of users. it also brings a wide range of voice instructions in functional scenarios such as short word awakening and no wake-up.

It is reported that this feature supports smart cars with HarmonyOS 4.0 or above in the Chinese mainland region. Will be in the Wisdom S7 debut experience, other models have been pushed to upgrade the experience.

On the Wisdom S7, the car intelligent assistant Xiaoyi also supports custom broadcast timbre, which can be set to broadcast timbre by allowing relatives and friends to record 15 prompts in the car control screen or shared links. When you wake up Xiaoyi again, you can use the voice of your relatives and friends to broadcast. The car's intelligent assistant Xiaoyi highly restores the recorder's timbre and pronunciation habits. When interacting with Xiaoyi, it is like having relatives and friends around, which is more warm and natural, so that our journey is no longer lonely.

Custom broadcast timbre function can be experienced in all series of Huawei Smart cars equipped with HarmonyOS 3.0 or above in Chinese mainland area.

Wisdom booked tickets to watch the movie, and Xiaoyi made it without effort.

After work, it is essential to reward yourself through leisure and entertainment activities. The traditional online process of buying movie tickets and driving to the cinema undoubtedly increases our time cost, and accidentally misses the opening of the film. Leisure and entertainment has become a tiring thing.

On the wisdom world S7, the car intelligent assistant Xiaoyi brings us more intelligent and considerate active service to create an one-stop movie experience for users. First of all, Xiaoyi will conduct comprehensive analysis and screening based on film favorites, geographical location of vehicle stops, or active user inquiries, recommend films to users in the way suggested by Xiaoyi, and interact with users' questions, you can quickly understand film messages and film reviews, and watch high-definition films on the central control screen; second, we can use voice commands to instantly complete film selection, timing, seat selection and other operations, as well as direct facial scanning with Huawei. Finally, the film broadcast reminder and seating guide reminder provided by Xiaoyi can allow us to enter the cinema accurately and quickly. For smart S7 car owners who pursue the ultimate experience and understand daily life, Xiaoyi's active service will become a good helper for everyone.

Currently, the feature supports phones with HarmonyOS 3.0 or above in Chinese mainland, as well as all Huawei Smart cars. It will be the first experience after the OTA upgrade on the Wisdom S7, and other models can be upgraded one after another.

Perceiving the air index and the temperature inside the car, Xiaoyi suggested to protect the health of the trip.

In addition to the daily reminders of tired driving and abnormal commuting, Xiaoyi also continues to make efforts in the health of the cockpit. In the process of vehicle driving, not only global intelligent control is needed to protect drivers from distractions, but also a good driving environment is needed to ensure the safety of the journey. Among them, the air quality in the car and the temperature of the cockpit are the most influential factors. Polluted air will cause chest tightness, fatigue and other symptoms of travelers; abnormal cockpit temperature is easy to affect drivers' response to unexpected situations.

In-car intelligent assistant Xiaoyi can detect the PM2.5 content and pollution level in the car in real time, and advise you to turn on the air purification mode according to different pollution levels. If it is recognized that the window is open, Xiaoyi will continue to ask "whether the window needs to be closed" in order to achieve a better purification effect and take the initiative to take care of users' travel health.

In-car Xiaoyi will also sense the temperature in the car in real time and actively remind users to turn on the constant temperature adaptive mode to maintain a comfortable driving environment. When the cockpit temperature is on the high side, Xiaoyi will remind you to turn on the constant temperature adaptive mode and broadcast "if you recognize that the temperature in the car is on the high side, is it necessary to turn on the constant temperature adaptive mode?" The user can reply: "confirm", and the car Xiaoyi will turn on the automatic cooling and seat ventilation function of the air conditioner. On the contrary, when the cockpit temperature is low, Xiaoyi will also remind you to turn on the constant temperature adaptive mode and carry out corresponding broadcasting and regulation actions to create a comfortable driving environment.

The relevant features suggested by Xiaoyi support the entire series of Huawei Smart cars with version 4.0 of HarmonyOS in Chinese mainland. It will be the first experience after the OTA upgrade on the Wisdom S7, and other models can be upgraded one after another.

And the eye-catching function on the car plane in the past, the car art on the intelligence world S7 also has. For example, multi-tone recognition at the voice interaction level, full-duplex continuous dialogue, visual speaking, custom wake-up words and custom timbre, etc.; the functions suggested by Xiaoyi, such as turning on headlights at night, fatigue driving reminders and commuting abnormal reminders are also very convenient and fast, and can be reached directly in one step; indoor parking navigation, intelligent refueling and other functions are also very intimate. As an important part of the smart driving experience, the in-car intelligent assistant Xiaoyi upgrades the smart driving experience of the intelligent S7, and at the same time, it can have the temperature and understand the user, and become our intimate personal assistant.

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