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Lawbreakers publish "GTA 6" copycat ads, selling false activation codes claiming that "you can join the early test of the game"

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Shulou( Report--, December 19, R Star released the first trailer of the "GTA 6" game and announced that it will be "launched in 2025". It did not disclose the price of the game, but there have been many fraudulent advertisements with the sign of "GTA 6" on the market.

According to foreign media tech4gamers, fake "GTA 6" advertisements are flooding the YouTube platform, and people can even see relevant information in the "countdown advertisement" before the video is played. the relevant fraud information openly uses the R Star studio icon and claims that "users can click on the ad and download the game immediately."

▲ source foreign media tech4gamers (the same below) also found that in addition to copycat advertisements, foreign media mentioned that lawbreakers also sold fake "early test" activation codes of "GTA 6" in digital stores such as G2A for $222.91 ( Note: about 1592 yuan currently). These lawbreakers also brushed 99% praise for the platform's product pages, attracting unwitting victims to buy.

Accordingly, foreign media believe that many platforms do not examine advertisements and commodity information, allowing "fraud gangs to create obvious false content." As 2025 approaches, this trend will only intensify.

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