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Panoramic high-definition images of China's space station released for the first time

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Thanks to netizens Harry12345, West window for the delivery of clues about the past!, November 28, according to CCTV News, citing the China manned Space Engineering Office, on the afternoon of November 28, the manned space project delegation attended a media conference organized by the Hong Kong SAR government.

The panoramic photos of the space station assembly taken by the Shenzhou 16 crew before returning to the ground with a high-definition camera orbiting the spacecraft were released at the meeting for the first time. This is the first time that China has obtained a panoramic image of the space station assembly with the earth as the background, and it is also the first set of full-configuration working photos of the Chinese space station (click here to download the high-definition large image).

△ Photography: Shenzhou 16 crew

△ Photography: Shenzhou 16 crew

△ photography: on the day of the Shenzhou 16 crew, the Shenzhou 17 crew also filmed the evacuation and return of the Shenzhou 16 spacecraft at the space station.

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