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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela Limited Edition appreciation: deconstruction Aesthetics is refreshing

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Samsung launched the Galaxy ZFlip4MaisonMargiela limited edition last year with great success in the market. Recently, Samsung has once again partnered with Paris haute couture house MaisonMargiela to launch the Galaxy Z Flip5 MaisonMargiela limited edition, which has made a new breakthrough in design. Let's take a look at it.

Samsung GalaxyZ Flip5 Maison Margiela Limited Edition inherits the deconstruction aesthetics of Maison Margiela. In the product design, the new version of the mobile phone adopts a bolder artistic style, creating a stronger visual impact.

This not only embodies the iconic style of Maison Margiela, but also strengthens the artistic sense and personalized features of the products.

In the backplane design, the new product uses the internal texture of the Maison Margiela coat, the color combines silver and metallic luster, and the translucent design shows the structure and details hidden in the clothing, reflecting the design concept of Maison Margiela revealing the hidden nature of objects.

At the same time, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela Limited Edition also offers two protective cases, the leather case follows the Work-in-Progress design concept, when the phone is unfolded, the case shows the pocket style; when closed, the pocket is hidden.

The intelligent theme protection case is equipped with two interactive cards, one with ink-splash design and the other with silver-plated metal style. When the card is combined with the phone case, the phone will activate the MM off-screen theme to add interest and interaction.

As for the specifications, the new phone is consistent with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 in hardware configuration, with side fingerprint recognition and facial recognition functions. The dimensions are 165.1mm x 71.9mm x 6.9mm (unfold) and 85.1mm x 71.9mm x 15.1mm (fold). Equipped with the second generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform (for Galaxy), 8 cores, 3.2GHz Cortex-X31+2.8GHz Cortex A7152+2.8GHz Cortex A7102+2.0GHz Cortex-A5103 frequency, equipped with Adreno 740 GPU. It has 8GB LPDDR5 RAM and offers two versions of UFS 3.1ROM, 256GB and 512GB. Run Android 13 system and One UI 5.1interface, equipped with stereo dual speakers.

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