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Mrs. Fang innovates technology and opens up a new scene of kitchen life in the next city.

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In recent years, the pace of the kitchen electricity industry in the field of science and technology is no less than that of science and technology enterprises. Led by scientific and technological innovation, the Chinese side has released the Y series of integrated cooking center and dishwasher Y series products, which is at the forefront of the development of the industry. Based on the insight of future life, these two products deeply meet the new needs of modern family cooking, and have achieved great improvement in technology, function, experience, aesthetics and other aspects. Fang Tai also further put forward the "high-end full-scene kitchen electricity" strategy, which marks the further upgrade of its brand strategy, which is intended to break the functional framework of the traditional kitchen and build a new kitchen life ecology. This change symbolizes that Fang is not only exporting high-end kitchen electricity products, but also leading a new high-end lifestyle, creating a new paradigm for the development of the kitchen electricity industry.

Deduce the next super living space with the whole scene

When a good life enters a new era, "happiness increment" scenes such as parent-child kitchen, family collaboration or friends gathering are indispensable, carrying user experience and emotional value with the full scene, so that the boundless, comfortable, natural and harmonious kitchen will become the next super living space, rather than a person's isolated island.

When friends get together, some people cook food efficiently in the double cooking center, some use dishwashers to wash vegetables to make salads, some use refrigerators to do raw pickling, others use dishwashers to wash wine cups, teacups, etc., a group of people perform their respective duties, principal and deputy coordination, moving line orderly kitchen, so that friends and relatives can participate in the cooking process, everyone wash dishes, prepare meals, talk about gourmet cooking, so that the kitchen is no longer a person's battlefield. Instead, the family cooks together and enjoy the happy time.

However, the integration of food and kitchen is not the ultimate goal. The key feature of contemporary kitchen is to establish an open sharing space for high-frequency interaction points and emotional exchanges in family life, so that families can change from "back to back" to "face to face".

In the past, my mother was always busy in and out of the kitchen, and even in order to avoid lampblack running into the living room, they would close the door tightly. But now, when the mother is cooking on the open island, she can watch her child do her homework face to face, while using the sink dishwasher to clean the fruit for the child to taste and the water purifier to pour water for the child to drink. When the father is in the kitchen, he uses the dishwasher to wash pots and pans without having to walk back and forth, communicating with mothers and children anytime and anywhere, and building the "parent-child kitchen" into the center of family life.

One after another life scene, each frame has "high-end panoramic kitchen electricity" to bring changes and beauty, but the same is the experience of people looking forward to professional products. Innovative products are the underlying hardware support of "high-end panoramic kitchen electricity". At the conference, Wang Yanhui, general manager of Fangtai Group range hood product line, and Xu Hui, general manager of Fangtai dishwasher product line, unveiled the mysterious veil of Integrated Cooking Center Y series and dishwasher Y series respectively. The aim is to establish dialogue ties with users with the best product experience, and to provide users with a more convenient, healthier, wiser and more comfortable new product experience.

The Y series of Fangtai Integrated Cooking Center is a collection of Fangtai's innovative science and technology, which redefines the original products and solves the three major demand contradictions. to achieve the integration of clean smoke effect and space embedding, powerful power and silent experience, cooking multi-function and professionalism, so that science and technology can be felt.

In view of the chronic diseases of the traditional European cigarette machine, such as poor smoke cleaning effect, easy to meet in cooking, unattractive collocation, etc., Fang too adopted the way of going straight to the oil fume source to achieve two-stage rise and fall, and the on-site smoke screen experiment showed the real effect of rising and lowering smoking, global tobacco control and no blind spot.

As a dishwasher expert who knows more about Chinese kitchen utensils in the field of dishwashers, Fangtai dishwasher Y series also combines the advantages of clean washing technology, extravagant technology and extraordinary experience. Fangtai's patented "high-energy bubble washing" is innovated again. At the same time, the advanced technology of five industries has been comprehensively upgraded to create a permanent, dry and permanent "Sanheng effect" for tableware, bringing an extraordinary cleaning experience.

"Chinese kitchens are never short of new appliances, and what is lacking is the pioneers of the new scene of kitchen life." As Wu Sheng, the founder of the scene laboratory and the founder of the scene methodology, said at the conference, Fang Tai has always insisted on taking people as the "yardstick" of innovation and integrating leading technology into products, which has not only set off a revolution in the field of kitchen and electricity. what's more, it provides strong support for people's happy and secure life.

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