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BYD frigate 07 launches the latest version of OTA upgrade to optimize the parking interactive experience

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Shulou( Report-- November 28 news, learned from BYD Ocean Network, its frigate 07 will launch the latest version of OTA upgrade from November 28. This upgrade will optimize vehicle parking interaction, wiper and other functions.

It is reported that the OTA upgrade of frigate 07 will optimize four functions, including optimizing automatic parking / remote parking interaction to enhance user experience, optimizing wiper system to improve stability, optimizing daytime light on and off logic, optimizing instrument prompt function, enhancing user experience, and so on. noted that the BYD frigate 07 equipped with APA automatic parking and RPA remote parking functions are only 100km flagship model (only equipped with APA automatic parking), 205km flagship model, 175km four-wheel drive flagship model, taking into account the pertinence of the corresponding features of the OTA upgrade, the specific upgrade content should be based on the actual OTA push content received by users.

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