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Help brand GMV increase 20 times compared with the previous month, this double 11 fast hand goods matchmaking ushered in a new story

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Shulou( Report--

The annual Singles' Day holiday has come to an end, but the discussion on the promotion continues. A core feature is that almost all platforms and merchants this year have "low prices" as the focus of competition.

Kuaishou e-commerce, which put forward the strategy of "good things at low prices" as early as half a year ago, did well in Singles' Day this year. Official statistics show that nearly 100 million Kuaishou consumers and more than 1 million merchants and talent participated in the promotion. Orders for the whole cycle of double 11 increased by nearly 50%, GMV of small and medium-sized businesses increased by 75% compared with the same period last year, and brand GMV increased by 155%.

Behind the rapid growth of data, there are many policies and games to help. As Kuaishou, which mainly trusts e-commerce, talent distribution has always been an important support for the ecology of Kuaishou platform, and it is also an important incision to analyze the double 11 growth of Kuaishou e-commerce this year.

It is understood that since August this year, Kuaishou e-commerce express distribution has launched the "good stuff Alliance Program". Its core is to recommend S-grade brand goods to people through official live rooms, online matchmaking squares, communities and other channels, so that brands can expand their distribution. on the other hand, the talent has the opportunity to reach a higher quality supply chain, and can get resources such as magnetic Taurus exclusive traffic. In mid-October, the good things Alliance launched the Singles' Day campaign to give more anchors access to good things and sell more good things at the same time.

Duck Baby, a well-known domestic brand, is one of the beneficiaries of the "good things Alliance Program". As a brand that only entered Kuaishou in August this year, Duck Baby's cumulative GMV reached 22 million during Kuaishou double 11 this year, nearly 20 times higher than before the founding of the "good things Alliance Program".

Behind the rapid growth of brand performance, the fast distribution "good stuff Alliance Program" is forming a set of full-chain service solutions ranging from product and anchor selection to Shanda deep matchmaking, to providing fine operational guidance. This continuous optimization of the matching efficiency of people and goods not only benefits brands and talented people, but also provides new footnotes and help for the continuous growth of fast-hand e-commerce.

A 10-day group of 100 kinds of clothing helped the anchor to sell more than 26 million in a single game.

With regard to how the fast distribution "good stuff Alliance Program" helps people and brands, this year's double 11 "good things Alliance Program" and Kuaishou anchor an Jiu to create a "fast version" warm winter clothing special event is a representative case.

Anjiu, the anchor, is one of the e-commerce anchors at the head of Kuaishou platform. According to the original plan, Anjiu plans to do a special show on home life on November 10. However, due to the end of the double 11 promotion on the 10th, the major VJs on the platform have a strong willingness to sprint GMV, and the pallet repetition is high, which is easy to lead to consumer diversion and unsatisfactory transformation.

Combined with data analysis and cooling weather background, the fast distribution "good things Alliance Program" project team suggested that Anjiu should make good use of the double flow node of promoting + cooling to switch to winter clothing events, and then better "win big promotion".

Based on this temporary adjustment, the fast distribution "good thing Alliance Program" has also shown a strong supply capacity. After Anjiu confirmed the adjustment of the theme of the special event, the "good things Alliance Project" responded quickly, making use of the platform's ability to organize goods and data insight to match the core consignors for the talent, assisted the mechanism negotiations, and formed the required high-quality pallets in only 10 days.

"We also considered at that time that since it was seasonal clothing, everyone would definitely want to receive it as soon as possible." Kuaishou's "good stuff Alliance Program" also combined with Anjiu's demand in the selection of items to help Anjiu lock in its omni-channel spot inventory of clothing brands. to help it better transform transactions.

On the day of the live broadcast, more than 100 autumn and winter clothes were sold in Anjiu studio, with a total GMV of more than 26 million. Among them, the winter hot-selling category of "down jacket + trousers" jointly contributed nearly 60% of the transactions of the live broadcast. The recommended products of the "good things Alliance Program" not only supplement the original pallet, but also become hot products of the day by virtue of their high performance-to-price ratio. The cumulative turnover of "black gold series new down down jackets" has exceeded 4 million, and the GMV of many brands such as NetEase Yanxuan, Mannifen, Gao Fan and so on have exceeded one million. Guest unit price 949 yuan "velvet tooling pie to overcome" also in the talent + platform double boost resources superimposed, a single link 3 minutes to break millions of GMV.

In the view of Ada, head of Anjiu Investment Promotion, this is a grand event of mutual achievement between the platform and talent. The official insight and advice based on consumer demand, as well as the ability to transfer and execute goods, effectively underpins the sprint of talent at the end of the great promotion, successfully playing the advantage and rhythm of the seasonal category, and exceeding expectations to achieve the goal of the big market.

One month after the founding of the Union, the turnover of old domestic brands increased by 20 times.

At the same time, many brands are known by more and more people through the "good things Alliance Program".

Founded in 1997, the well-known down jacket brand "Duck Baby" is a typical beneficiary. Previously, the 26-year-old brand encountered no small difficulties in the process of online transformation, similar to most of the old brands buried offline: first, the lack of operational experience and resources of e-commerce, and the small influence of the brand online; second, although the brand has a strong supply chain, but the lack of clear positioning and classification of different styles, talent is not willing to cooperate strongly.

Sun Zhipeng, head of the Duck Baby Brand Broadcasting Department, said that in August this year, the Duck Baby brand officially entered Kuaishou, but the early brand distribution was built entirely on its own, which was not only inefficient, but also unsatisfactory in cooperation and sales. The situation did not improve significantly until a cooperation was reached with the good things Alliance Program at the end of October.

As the first good merchant to reach long-term cooperation with Kuaishou "good things Alliance Program", Kuaishou "good things Alliance Program" through the analysis of the brand attributes and accounts of Duck Baby, for it to create a "multi-type product display-small and medium-sized reach-quality resources subsidy" and other omni-directional business strategy.

On the goods side, the "good things Alliance Program" starts from 0 to optimize the overall pallet of the duck baby brand. "according to the teaching of official personnel, according to the measurement data and brand positioning, we divide the products into several categories, such as the drainage funds with high popularity and high sales volume. There are several major categories, such as the main push money with more stock, the high performance and price, and the star model of joint cooperation." Sun Zhipeng said.

Differentiated products can better meet the layout strategy in the process of live streaming, and better retain consumers with demand. at the same time, Duck Baby brand also tries the combination of goods for the first time, and draws back costs with the help of platform subsidies to make profits for consumers.

On the talent side, the "good things Alliance Program" collects data on the delivery of platform talents. "it recommends to us a lot of talented people who live in the three eastern provinces and have worked with other down jacket products, which very much match our positioning and tone. These are resources that we have no access to before," says Sun Zhipeng.

On the traffic side, due to the small volume of the brand online, there is an urgent need for more exposure to bring users to break the circle, and the "good things Alliance Plan" has configured it with core resources such as topic page label top, information flow formulation, single item pop-up window, keyword, official name drainage and so on.

With a set of combined punches, Duck Baby's fast-hand e-commerce road has achieved an all-round leap, and the first thing that makes Sun Zhipeng feel the change is the surge in the efficiency of talent cooperation. " Take our 199 yuan down jacket as an example, before we worked hard for a month to cooperate with more than 20 people, but on November 5, we did distribution home promotion for the first time after the establishment of the alliance with good things Alliance. There were more than 100 distribution trailers, more than 600 on November 8, and thousands on the 10th, which was both a surprise and a surprise to us. "

Data show that during the double 11 promotion period, Duck Baby completed more than 200 live distribution shows, including five brand shows, with a cumulative GMV of 22 million, nearly 20 times higher than when Kuaishou did not establish an alliance with Kuaishou's "good stuff Alliance" in October. What excites Sun Zhipeng even more is that the radiation capacity of the people is also expanding the brand's user pool, and nearly 60,000 orders generated during the promotion period are almost created by online new customers.

It can be said that through the "good things Alliance Program", Duck Baby has not only achieved an accurate match with the ideal talent, but also accumulated the first batch of user assets of the brand, laying a solid foundation for the growth and transformation of the brand. so that businesses can achieve follow-up long-term operation on the platform.

300 tons of Hotan jujube has been sold, and the "good things Alliance Program" will bring more good goods to the whole country.

The "good stuff Alliance Program" is also trying to integrate more people and more good goods into the fast-hand e-commerce ecology.

In September this year, with the recommendation of Yi Xin, a service provider of the "good things Alliance Program", Xinjiang Nuclear Beauty Trading Co., Ltd. officially became a good thing merchant of the "good things Alliance Program". The enterprise integrates a variety of agricultural and sideline product resources in Xinjiang, selects the best from the source, and uniformly controls the packaging of goods, so that dozens of local characteristic agricultural products can be successfully sold out of Xinjiang and sold to the whole country.

According to Liu Yan, first secretary of Daoziya Village, Langru Township, Hotan County, Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences said that the local logistics system in Hotan County is not sound enough, so local agricultural products are easily unsalable. "Walnut, for example, is dozens of kilometers away from our nearest trading market, but because the price of walnut is not high, the revenue from the sale is not even as good as the fare for a round trip, so many farmers would rather pile it up in the corner and rot it."

This situation has been improved after the establishment of the alliance with the "good things Alliance Program". The total GMV of the first Chinese special show in Xinjiang has exceeded 2.3 million; the Hetian county brand grey jujube sold at the head of Kuaishou platform, with a single product link of nearly 6 million GMV.

Under the deep matchmaking of the "good things Alliance Program," more than a dozen Kuaishou talents began to understand the local product supply chain of Hotan. Eight talented people personally went to Hotan for a live broadcast. Hetian jujube alone sold nearly 300 tons, and the cumulative GMV of goods in Liu Yan's village reached tens of millions. " After cooperating with the good things Alliance program, the economy of our village, township, county, and even the entire Hotan area has improved to a certain extent. at the same time, the good effect has also brought a great impact and change to the concept of local residents. "

Liu Yan said frankly that a live distribution with Kuaishou Touda can bring the village the amount of income that could only be achieved in the past two or three years. "at first, we started the pilot project in one village, but now we have covered nine of the 14 prefectures and states in Xinjiang. The wider the coverage, the more abundant our supply. At that time, the typical experience and practices of a village also rose to the autonomous region, forming a point-by-point trend."

As an important production base of agricultural and sideline products in southern Xinjiang, Hotan area and Kuaishou Distribution "good stuff Alliance Program" have jointly explored a new model of "developing agriculture through digital business" of "service network merchants + regional brands + industrial integration". " Relying on the Kuaishou good things Alliance program, we have also found a new way for the development of rural economy in southern Xinjiang. Due to the temperature difference between day and night, I am very confident about the quality of our agricultural products. By getting on the express train planned by the Kuaishou good things Alliance, we can also let these high-quality sources, such as walnuts, Korla pears, and Aksu apples, enter thousands of households and go further away. Liu Yan said.

In fact, for the source of good goods, brand merchants or different sizes of talent, no matter what kind of operation strategy can not be separated from the support of "good stuff", and the fast distribution "good thing Alliance Program" is also born from this.

As a master of a pair of platforms, it accurately connects source good goods, brand merchants, and anchors, allowing each party to "perform its own duties" and at the same time strongly superimposing multi-party advantages to achieve win-win results, achieving the effect of 1: 1 > 2. Next, with the help of the platform of the "good things Alliance Program", there will be more talented people and businesses such as Anjiu and Duck Baby to achieve breakthroughs in Kuaishou and hand over more surprising transcripts.

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