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The railway department has launched an online identity verification service for foreign passports, and passengers holding a "permanent residence permit" can check their tickets by themselves.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past., November 28, China Railway officially announced that the new permanent residence identity card for foreigners of the people's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as "permanent residence permit") will be officially issued and put into use on December 1 this year. In accordance with the requirements of relevant state departments, the railway department has optimized the 12306 website (including App, the same below). Passengers holding the "permanent residence Certificate" can register online, purchase tickets, complete real-name system verification and check in and out of the station through the station gate, and enjoy the online and self-help services provided by the railway department equally with passengers holding resident identity cards.

At the same time, since November 28, the railway department has launched an online identification service for foreign passports. Prior to this, foreign visitors who bought tickets on the 12306 website were required to hold the original passport to the railway station window to check their identity information. After the launch of the online identity verification service for foreign passports, passengers log on to the 12306 website and can fill in their names, nationalities, document numbers and other information as prompted by the system, and the system will automatically complete the identity verification. Passengers can also choose to submit passport information page photos online for manual verification by the background. In addition to online verification, passengers can still go to the window of the railway station for verification.

The railway department suggests that foreign passengers can only buy tickets after passing the identity verification. Passengers holding foreign passports are requested to check the identity verification status in time and complete the identity information verification as soon as possible, so as not to affect ticket purchase and travel. More service information can be found through the 12306 website. Note: foreigners who are eligible for permanent residence can apply for permanent residence identity cards in accordance with the regulations, enjoy unlimited length of stay in China, and do not need to apply for visas and other formalities to enter and exit China with valid passports and permanent residence identity cards. Their spouses and immediate family members can apply for corresponding visas, residence certificates or foreigners' permanent residence identity cards in accordance with the relevant provisions. Employment in China is exempted from the "Alien work permit" and other treatment.

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