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Huawei's intelligent door lock opens the "first barrier" of intelligent life.

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According to the latest data disclosed by Loto Technology, during the Singles Day holiday this year, sales of smart locks were 565000, an increase of 14.7 percent over the same period last year, and sales reached 830 million yuan, an increase of 29.5 percent over the same period last year.

This set of data fully shows that the demand of consumers for smart door locks has become more and more obvious. In fact, an in-depth study of the underlying reasons is inseparable from the popularity of the whole house intelligence and the concept of smart home.

In fact, the so-called "intelligent life" has been imperceptibly influenced and become people's rigid demand.

When it comes to smart life, people may be the first to think of the intelligence of televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other appliances in the house, but in fact, the real smart home experience must start from the first door into the home.

This is also one of the reasons why smart door locks have been selling well in recent years.

In the entire smart door lock market, Huawei's performance is extremely outstanding. For example, during the Singles' Day this year, Huawei's smart door lock and smart door lock Pro respectively won the first and second place on the platform smart home gold list. Huawei can always be seen in various lists related to smart door locks and smart homes. There is no doubt that Huawei smart door locks have become an unavoidable choice.

Huawei smart door lock, Huawei smart door lock Pro selected smart home gold list why can such an excellent market performance? This in itself is inseparable from the product power advantage of Huawei's intelligent door lock, and under the blessing of Hongmeng Ecology, the intelligent matching with Huawei has achieved the experience effect of 1: 1 > 2.

On November 28, Huawei brought a new full-house intelligence 5.0 to consumers at a full-scene launch. As an important part of Huawei's whole house intelligence, Huawei's intelligent door lock series is also the first door to open a new experience of users' intelligent life. At the same time, Huawei intelligent door lock series of products set high-end, convenient, safe, reliable and other features in one, so that consumers can really experience the "housekeeping unlock, all aspects" renovated experience.

Next, the author simply uses specific scenes to analyze the advantages of Huawei intelligent door locks one by one.

Whole-house intelligence has become an irreversible trend of home decoration in the future, but the so-called whole-house intelligence is not as simple as intelligentizing the devices in the house. they are often unable to connect with each other and cannot be controlled uniformly because of different brands, and even each device has to download an independent App. Although the device is intelligent, it still exists in an "isolated island" state, unable to achieve a real house-wide intelligent experience.

For example, smart door locks, most of the time, people buy smart door locks only to "open the door and close the door". After users have bought the smart door lock, they also need to buy an additional "visual doorbell". The visual doorbell and the door lock cannot be integrated. Download the extra App to view the picture outside the door, and the experience is quite fragmented. On the other hand, some door locks with cat's eye function also need to download their specific App to be notified and cannot be intelligently linked with other devices.

Let's see how Huawei does it.

Huawei intelligent door lock series is supported by HarmonyOS distributed features, and this cat's eye can also achieve distributed visibility. For example, you are watching TV in the living room when a visitor is coming outside the door. After pressing the doorbell, you can trigger the "picture in picture" function of the wisdom screen, which can display the scene outside the door in real time. Taking advantage of the distributed advantage, the wisdom screen in your living room becomes a "monitor", so that you can know the affairs of the door clearly when you are on the sofa. You don't have to run to the door to see who the visitor is anymore.

HarmonyOS distributed visual cat's eye if you are away from home, HarmonyOS distributed visual cat's eye can also directly synchronize the images outside the door to your phone and tablet with Huawei Smart Life App installed, so that you can know the outside affairs like the back of your hand no matter where you are.

Not only that, this HarmonyOS distributed visual cat's eye can even serve as monitoring. The cat's eye supports abnormal intelligent snapshots, equipped with PIR detectors and AI monitoring technology, so that someone outside the door does not take pictures by mistake, and there is no need to worry about the security anxiety of pushing messages as long as someone passes by at the door.

HarmonyOS distributed visual cat's eye "distributed visual ability" is only one of the advantages of Huawei intelligent door lock. Huawei intelligent door lock series of outdoor lock, indoor lock, lock tongue equipped with sensors, based on the opening and closing action to flexibly mobilize HarmonyOS Connect smart home devices, to achieve independent definition of a variety of scenes. For example, when the user leaves home, the air conditioner, electric light, Bluetooth speaker and other devices in the home can be turned off automatically, and the floor sweeper begins to clean; when the user goes home, the intelligent mode is turned on directly, and the Bluetooth speaker responds automatically. Indoor lighting is adjusted to the most comfortable brightness and so on.

These intelligent linkage characteristics are also what the traditional intelligent door lock can not do. Huawei smart door lock series brings users a more convenient, comfortable and efficient smart home life experience through distributed visibility and a variety of custom scenes.

In addition, by downloading Huawei Smart Life App, users can also achieve one-stop management, such as real-time checking the status of door locks, setting temporary passwords, reminding family members to go home, and even humanized functions such as voice messages and security alerts for abnormal situations outside the door.

Written at the end of the smart door lock is the "first step" of the smart home experience, but also the most "critical step" to protect family privacy and security. As the "infrastructure" of the intelligent experience of the whole house, the quality of the smart door lock experience has a direct impact on the upper limit of smart home life. With the blessing of Huawei Hongmeng Ecology and 1: 8 full scene intelligent strategy, Huawei intelligent door lock better connects people and environment in smart home life. Users will also get the pleasure brought by intelligent life linkage every time they open and close doors, and the warmth of "home" will be further magnified.

Unprecedented convenience and comfort is to start with Huawei smart door locks, so that users have never wanted to go home so much.

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