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The first in China: Changxin Storage launched LPDDR5 DRAM memory chip

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen kinja for the clue delivery! November 28 news, according to the official website of Changxin Storage, Changxin Storage launched the latest LPDDR5 DRAM storage chip, which is the first brand in China to launch independent research and development and production of LPDDR5 products, achieving a zero breakthrough in the domestic market, while also making the layout of Changxin Storage products in the mobile terminal market more diversified. noted that Changxin Storage LPDDR5 series products include 12Gb LPDDR5 particles, POP encapsulated 12GB LPDDR5 chips and DSC packaged 6GB LPDDR5 chips. At present, the 12GB LPDDR5 chip has been verified on domestic mainstream mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi and sound transmission. LPDDR5 is a product launched by Changxin Storage for the middle and high-end mobile device market, and its marketization landing will further improve the product layout of Changxin Storage DRAM chip.

According to the product introduction of Changxin Storage official website, LPDDR5 is the fifth generation ultra-low power double rate dynamic random access memory. Compared with the previous generation LPDDR4X, the capacity and speed of a single particle of Changxin storage LPDDR5 are increased by 50%, reaching 12Gb and 6400Mbps, respectively, and the power consumption is reduced by 30%. LPDDR5 adds a powerful RAS function, through built-in error correction code (On-die ECC) and other technologies to achieve real-time error correction, reduce system failures, ensure data security and enhance stability. Changxin 12GB LPDDR5 chip is packaged by 8 12Gb particles, which is the first chip product of Changxin Storage using cascading package (Package on Package).

Previously, Changxin Storage's products are mainly DDR4, LPDD4X and DDR4 modules, and the product portfolio covers storage requirements of different performance, capacity and uses, and provides highly customized integrated solutions through joint research and development with mainstream customers and manufacturers to meet the needs of multiple market segments. At present, its products have been widely used in smartphones, smart tablets, desktop computers, notebooks, servers, set-top boxes and other terminals of many domestic head manufacturers.

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