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AI celebrities earn 80,000 yuan a month, which can be built only with PS.

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Online celebrities and beauties with a monthly income of 80, 000 have gained more than 150, 000 followers on ins in just a few months.

Some celebrities sent her private messages, and even famous actors with 5 million fans sent her dating invitations.

The beautiful woman with long pink hair is Aitana, a 25-year-old extroverted fitness enthusiast from Barcelona.

Daily life, dress and show. Every piece of Aitana has attracted thousands of fans to like it.

Burning goose, fans almost do not know, this "beauty" Aitana, in fact. It's an AI.

Including the actress who sent her a date invitation, didn't realize that Aitana didn't actually exist.

So, what is the life background of Aitana?

Each trend has tens of thousands of likes. Aitana was created by The Clueless, a Spanish model agency called AI.

Last year the company went through a trough when it was unable to attract customers, which founder Rul é n Cruz attributed to the company's lack of influence.

As a result, Cruz decided to create its own virtual image, and Aitana was born under this idea.

From left: founder △ é n Cruz, designer Diana N ú ñ ez, and social media manager Cruz í a Novales founder Cruz said the team created Aitana in what people like best, and according to Cruz, the image of Aitana is "almost perfect."

On ins, Aitana is like a normal person, sharing every bit of his life.

It is understood that the Clueless team holds a meeting once a week to study what the next "life" of Aitana looks like.

In addition to arranging her daily routine, she did not forget to design some "unconventional events", such as flying from Barcelona to Madrid for her birthday.

△ pictures in Chinese for Spanish machine translation, only for reference to enjoy good food, listen to concerts. In addition to selfies, Aitana often includes "live" photos or videos to add realism.

In short, Aitana gets tens of thousands of likes and a lot of fan comments for every post on ins.

Under the foil of the flow, the advertisement has naturally become the way for Clueless to "realize" the Aitana.

According to Cruz, Aitana earns about 1000 euros (7.8k yuan) for each ad, with an average monthly income of 3,000 euros and a peak of 10, 000 euros.

For example, the previous "photo" of Aitana in Madrid is actually an advertisement for ZARA.

In addition to ZARA, Nike, Balenciaga, Victoria's Secret and other well-known brands are also Aitana customers.

From a technical point of view, making these Aitana life photos is far less complicated than imagined.

The Clueless team has never taken a single photo from beginning to end, and through the cooperation of designers and Photoshop AI functions, they have created these "live pictures" that look like they are real.

In addition to the fact that Aitana,Clueless has created a second virtual model, both Maia-- and Aitana contain "AI".

Unlike Aitana's extrovert, Maia is an out-and-out "I person" whose coordinates are set in Argentina, which also uses Spanish.

In addition, Clueless has received a large number of requests from brands to have their own personalized AI models-which can be customized according to the brand image, cheap and do not have to worry about collapsing the house.

In addition to Clueless, there are many AI avatars that are also famous on social media.

What other AI celebrities are there? Imma Gram from Tokyo, for example, has been in the headlines many times since her debut, and the Japanese economic and entertainment company has selected her as the "new 100 people worth watching."

She has more than 400000 fans on ins and more than 2 million likes on TikTok.

In addition to the Internet, Imma is often seen in business magazines and television, and her customers include Porsche, Dior, Ikea and other brands.

There is also the world's best-known virtual human, AI Internet celebrity Lu Do Magalu from Brazil.

She has more than 6.67 million followers on ins and more than 14.6 million on Facebook.

Magalu appeared at Magazine Luiza, one of Brazil's largest retail companies, and has been endorsed by Magalu for everything from food to daily necessities to electronics.

Magalu, a "fashion online celebrity", has also appeared on the cover of VOGUE magazine.

And Kyra, India's first digital celebrity, gained 230,000 fans a year after it was released, and endorses the new mobile phone.

In short, using AI to generate virtual online celebrity images, and then using traffic to make money through advertising, has become a new way to realize AI.

For example, domestic Mofa Technology has launched a series of virtual human products, from cartoons to real people, and can be "customized".

There are also digital people produced by Xiaobing Company, which have begun to "work" in many enterprises in many industries....

It can be seen that providing customized characters is a major business opportunity for virtual human technology owners, but some netizens have expressed concern about this model:

This method takes advantage of people's trust in "real people", but I'm afraid it won't last long.

However, some people believe that after AI celebrities form a scale, the behavior of users will also change imperceptibly, so there is no need to worry too much about it.

So, what do you think of creating AI celebrities?

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