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I've never wanted to go home so much! Huawei House Intelligence 5.0 release: "Wisdom" and "Beauty" advance again

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Shulou( Report--

On November 28, Huawei held a conference on Wisdom S7 and the whole scene as scheduled. This is another major event for Huawei to launch new products after the full-scene product launch in September this year.

At this press conference, Huawei demonstrated the strong ability of the enabling car factory, and the intelligent world S7, known as the "smart driving ceiling", arrived as promised. At the same time, Huawei has once again demonstrated its strong strength and strategic layout in the field of full-scene ecology, of which the most eye-catching is the whole house intelligence 5.0.

In just a few years, Huawei has revolutionized the whole house for five generations. as a leading full-stack smart home solution, Huawei has brought Zhimei items and experience upgrades adapted to high-end mansions: Mondrian smart switch, intelligent MINI Pro, Sky Voice Music Lights, HarmonyOS new UX interface …... Huawei's full-house Smart 5.0 further satisfies your imagination of high-end space intelligence, as Huawei's official propaganda puts it-"makes you never want to go home so much."

Artistic product design to create a new height of home aesthetics on the basis of comprehensively upgrading the intelligent experience, Huawei House-wide Intelligent 5.0 focuses on the spatial aesthetic experience, such as the newly launched intelligent switch Mondrian.

The traditional smart home decoration panel is stereotyped and has no personality to speak of, and the complex design of the belt plate often has the problem of easy to press the wrong button. Huawei's newly designed "smart switch", inspired by the geometry of Mondrian, the most influential abstract painter of the 20th century, creates a unique design of geometric layout, and it also makes more frequently used keystrokes with a larger area. Perfect ergonomics. In detail, the Doric pattern derived from the column design of ancient Greek classical architecture makes every wall an art.

In terms of intelligent experience, Mondrian intelligent switch combines ultra-narrow fuselage with DTOF atmosphere light belt perfectly, so that it presents a low-light standby state when it is not in use, and lights up quickly when it is close, bringing users a convenient and elegant interactive experience. Its innovative zero-press interactive mode makes the control more easy and easy, so that users can not only enjoy the convenience brought by technology, but also feel the elegant atmosphere.

In the intelligent interaction of the whole house, Huawei has already brought the intelligent central control screen to control the whole house, but on 5.0, Huawei has added a new member-intelligent MINI Pro, which has a new diamond ring design and the first patent for MINI ring antenna, which can be stably connected with distance at any location, and the control can be more smooth and meticulous.

As the "fingertip companion" of acousto-optic regulation, the intelligent MINI Pro adopts the section design of the classical architectural rhombus concept and the design form of Hongmeng star ring lamp effect. With just one touch, you can easily awaken the diversified scene modes such as watching movies, meeting guests, tea, reading, etc.; after rotation, you can easily adjust the sound and light atmosphere, cooperate with slight vibration feedback, and bring users a more decompressed and pleasant operation experience.

More importantly, the smart MINI Pro uses an unplugged, cabling-free design, which means you can place it anywhere in the home environment. With the internal integrated NFC function, when you touch the center control screen to write to the scene, after importing the scene, you can find the most commonly used and convenient location to trigger the scene in the space, such as the bedside table quickly triggering sleep mode, opening a comfortable bath next to the bathtub, and so on.

In addition, the intelligent central control screen S2, the core equipment of interactive control, has upgraded the new UX interface of HarmonyOS this time.

The newly upgraded HarmonyOS home desktop launches Overview mode, which can view the overall situation with one click, and quickly control various functions of the subsystem. High-frequency commonly used functions and scenes can be freely placed on the desktop by dragging and dropping, making the home more beautiful and intelligent as a whole.

Sound and light is an important part of the house-wide intelligent experience. Huawei brought the HUAWEI SOUND whole-house music system before. This time, Huawei took it a step further by combining Huawei's intelligent ceiling speakers and specific lighting fixtures to launch the "Sound of the Sky" music lamp.

The natural integration of speaker main lights can not only better integrate into the home environment, but also save home decoration space. Make use of the light position and sound position of the smallpox center, whether in the bedroom, study, electronic competition room, restaurant and other space, you can enjoy the ultimate house-wide music without a ceiling.

Imagine lying in bed enjoying the morning while the Sound of the Sky lights play relaxed music to give you a good day; when you work overtime in the study at night, the Sound of the Sky lights provide soft light and relaxing music to make you more focused on your work.

Moreover, in terms of the connection mode of the music system, Huawei uses PLC to organize the network, and the whole house music host is equipped with PLC lossless music dedicated network, which makes it easy for users to achieve a ubiquitous and random broadcast and control experience through distributed HarmonyOS.

Omnipotent smart point + PLC, traditional equipment intelligent, minimalist connection extremely reliable for current consumers, in the whole house intelligent experience products, often tend to multi-brand choice, which often leads to these smart products from different brands have manipulation barriers, can not achieve interoperability, the operation process has become complex and fragmented.

To this end, Huawei House-wide Intelligent 5.0 solution brings "omnipotent wisdom", with which users can combine scattered switches into a unified control.

"Universal Smart Point" connects complicated equipment buttons at one end and PLC at the other end, and cooperates with Hongmeng Zhaopin ecological equipment, which can achieve full coverage of intelligent items in the whole house and light up every corner of the home with intelligence.

Take the intelligent courtyard scene as an example, the omnipotent point of wisdom can help users to control all the lights of outdoor lighting, sunshade room sunshade with lighting atmosphere, sky curtain and wind-proof curtain to trigger the scene, intelligent sprinkler irrigation and mosquito repellent can be switched on and off regularly and controlled remotely, taking care of the courtyard is easier and easier.

Another example is the Wisdom Audio Room, where users can automatically trigger the instant arrival through one-click movie viewing linkage or AI sensor; in the car home linkage scene, users can turn on lights, cool rooms and other equipment in advance through voice. After the car enters the geographical fence, it automatically triggers intelligent scenes such as booking cool rooms, and automatically starts the garage door, so that going home is full of ritual.

With more intelligent devices connected, the stability of connection has naturally become the focus of consumers' attention. In the past, the wiring of weak power system often involves complex line layout and high cost. The traditional network connection mode is also easily affected by signal interference and equipment failure, resulting in network instability and frequent disconnection.

Huawei's unique PLC + wireless dual network system allows the entire system to perform stably, and even when the network is off, smart devices in the home can stay connected by power lines. In addition, the power and signal share a single power line, which can further save wiring costs and is extremely simple.

In the whole house intelligence 5.0, Huawei whole house intelligence also created the PLC intelligent host, which is the reliable central brain of the family, and can realize the localized computing of the whole family equipment dispatching, even if the network is cut off, the whole family is still stable and controllable, and the intelligent life does not stop.

In order to meet the space intelligent needs of super-large households, especially villa courtyard users, Huawei has brought the cascade of mainframe X.

According to the official introduction, PLC devices hanging under different hosts and different PLC loops will be deployed in separate rooms to expand the scale of PLC device management and break through the maximum number of smart devices. The scenario, single device control delay and success rate are all the same as the single host specification. It really realizes the super-large household intelligent worry-free, supports the household area, doubles the number of devices, and realizes the super-large household more abundant space intelligent experience.

In the end, among a large number of smart home products, Huawei's house-wide intelligence is far ahead, mainly due to the house-wide smart solution which is "far ahead" in terms of innovative ideas. For a long time, Huawei's whole house intelligence has always been based on consumer demand, promoting the development of space intelligence, rather than individual category innovation. In the space 3.0 era, it continues to innovate and upgrade around "wisdom" and "beauty" to refresh the whole house intelligent use experience.

The more intelligent 5.0 of the whole house not only provides a full-stack solution for super-large and high-end mansions, but also enables Huawei to move towards a more advanced product positioning.

The experience of "never wanted to go home so much" began with Huawei's whole house Smart 5.0.

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