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Xinhua 3 BE18000 Wi-Fi 70 Gigabit Router on the shelf: 16-channel signal amplifier, initial launch 1799 yuan

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! November 29 news, with the certification of Wi-Fi7 routers, a large number of new Wi-Fi7 routers have emerged recently, such as Huawei BE3 Pro and Xinhua 3H3C Magic BE18000.

The Xinhua 3 BE18000 Wi-Fi7 router is now on the shelves at Mall. The initial launch price is 1799 yuan. The pre-sale starts at 10:00 today, and the final payment will be paid on December 8. query found that the router uses Qualcomm's new generation quad-core chip, 1GB memory, the highest wireless rate of 18000m, equipped with a 10 Gigabit network port and three gigabit network ports.

Thanks to Wi-Fi 7, it also supports more new features such as 4K-QAM modulation, allowing nearby client devices to interfere less and increase the rate by 20 per cent compared to the 1024-QAM scheme.

In other ways, the router has 16-channel signal amplifiers, three-directional antennas, 240MHz bandwidth, built-in game accelerators, and support for multilink operation (Multi-Link Operation) to reduce latency and increase speed by 50%. Xinhua third (H3C) BE18000 10 Gigabit Router WiFi7 Wireless rate 18000m 16 signal Amplifier E-Competition routing through wall coverage 1799 yuan direct link

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