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A preliminary study on the 3D Virtual Yosemite Snow Mountain Environment of Apple Vision Pro

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 29, source @ M1Astra recently tweeted on the X platform, showing the Yosemite Environment under Apple's Vision Pro, giving you a glimpse of the beauty of Yosemite in the depths of winter.

Although the video is presented in 2D, it will be presented in 3D in the Vision Pro header display, resulting in an excellent sense of immersion. M1Astra shows a "dark version of Yosemite" and a longer version that reveals "the movement of clouds and the reflection of snow". The video attached to is as follows:

Dark version

After experiencing Yosemite Environment on Vision Pro, Piotr Baczynski developers said, "when I first tried it, it was as if I was really in the ice and snow."

Recently, @ M1Astra revealed that a new Persona Environment video has been added to the Vision Pro beta. It shows how to set up your view as seen by others, as well as the eyes and facial expressions displayed on the external display of the headset.

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