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Society B responded to the negative comments of Starry Sky: to bring an interesting and exquisite game experience to players.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 29, News Agency B began to respond to players on the Steam platform for negative comments on the "Star" game. According to the Steam platform, the overall praise rate of this work has fallen to 66.44%, while recently it has dropped to 48%.

Although officials claim that Starry Sky is the largest work in the history of Society B, Starry Sky has become the worst reviewed game of Society B on the Steam platform, with 82.01% of Radiant 4, 71.65% of Radiant 76 and 93.88% of Ancient Scroll 5: Skyline.

News agency B responded uniformly under multiple player comments, and translated as follows:

We deeply regret that Starry Sky didn't give you a good game experience. Our team has been working hard to maintain the "Starry Sky" and bring interesting and exquisite experiences to players.

You can be a traveler, spending time exploring planets for resources and goods; you can be a smuggler, smuggling and selling contraband; or you can be a builder, building your own outposts and starships that players can customize according to their fun, exploration and role-playing.

Starry Sky provides a wealth of exploration elements, and you can visit our Discord to get further ideas from other players.

We are still actively developing this game and will continue to work for a long time to come. To see the latest updates, you can visit our official website. We want Starry Sky to be great for everyone who wants to take risks!

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"the favorable rating of" Star "Steam dropped to 66%, making it the" worst rated game "of Society B.

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