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Nvidia expands its self-driving team in China, led by Wu Xinzhou, former vice president of Xiaopeng Automobile

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Thanks to netizen Miayang, soft media user 1520111 for the clue delivery! November 29 news, NVIDIA yesterday evening issued a document, will expand the autonomous driving China team, jointly promote the arrival of AI-defined cars.

Nvidia's autonomous driving team's mission is to design, create and deploy the safest, most advanced AI drive systems for automated and autonomous vehicles. The work covers a variety of transportation forms, from passenger cars to commercial vehicles to robotic taxis. From data centers that train and test artificial intelligence simultaneously, to vehicles that process data in real time, safety is a top priority. notes that the team is led by Wu Xinzhou, former vice president of Xiaopeng Autonomous Driving. Wu Xinzhou said in the article: "China has the most suitable soil for the landing of high-level autonomous driving technology, and it has also trained the world's top autonomous driving mass production talents. It is hoped that China's autonomous driving team can become the core force to promote Nvidia's autonomous driving products in terms of technology and product polishing, and build global autonomous driving products together with talents and experience in China. "

In August this year, He Xiaopeng, CEO and chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile, confirmed that Wu Xinzhou, vice president of autonomous driving under his command, left Xiaopeng. He will join Nvidia in a position of "global vice president," reporting to Huang. He Xiaopeng also took photos with Wu Xinzhou and NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun.

The picture shows that He Xiaopeng personally sent Wu Xinzhou to Nvidia headquarters to "report for duty." He Xiaopeng also issued a document saying,"It turns out that Huang Jiao has 2 hours of sharing and outlook on the second day of each financial report, and often admits his specific mistake this quarter. It's really not easy! The next opportunity is at AIGC and AUTO, and our deeper collaboration is about to begin. "

Wu Xinzhou also forwarded He Xiaopeng's micro blog that day, and praised He Xiaopeng and Huang Renxun as "two important men in life." He said that tomorrow is the first day of work at Nvidia. According to Huang Renxun,"I will still work for Xiao Peng later, but I don't need him to pay."

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