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The first train in China, with the fastest speed per hour, the 160km/h type A car was put into operation in Chengdu Metro Line 19 Phase II.

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According to news on November 29, at 9: 00 a.m. on November 28, the second phase of Chengdu Metro Line 19 was officially put into operation, and the operating mileage of Chengdu rail transit network exceeded 600km, making it the "fourth city" of domestic rail transit.

According to official news from CRRC Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. (CRRC Sifang), the line vehicles are developed and manufactured by CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd. And CRRC Chengdu Co., Ltd., and it is the first type A car in China to be put into operation at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. It is also the fastest type A car in China, which runs out of the "new speed" of Chengdu rail transit.

▲ figure source in the car Sifang, the following introduction, the car innovative application of a number of new technologies, with high speed, fast start and stop, low noise and other characteristics, the highest running speed of the train 160km/h.

The car applies new noise reduction technology, and the door adopts the double-fan passenger chamber sliding door system of "active compression multi-point locking technology, multi-lip integral sealing technology", the whole train laying composite sound insulation floor, car body cavity filled with sound-absorbing cotton, etc., reduce the noise inside the car in many ways.

The air conditioner adopts double frequency conversion technology of fan and compressor based on passenger capacity regulation to realize self-adaptive adjustment of temperature and humidity of passenger room and personalized setting of cold and warm carriages. The structure of "middle top orifice plate air supply + side roof hidden air supply" is adopted to make the air supply more uniform and comfortable. The whole vehicle adopts the pressure wave control technology based on road spectrum to greatly reduce the pressure fluctuation in the vehicle at high speed.

An obstacle device is arranged at the end of the cab, which is used to remove and clear obstacles above the track to ensure driving safety. The whole vehicle is equipped with on-board information security protection system to realize the function of intrusion detection and ensure the security of information transmission to the maximum extent.

The design, manufacture and selected materials and components of the vehicle meet the requirements of fire resistance, smoke prevention and virus prevention in accordance with EN45545 standards or corresponding grades equivalent to international standards, and have good fire prevention performance to prevent fire to the maximum extent.

The train is equipped with on-line monitoring equipment such as running department, battery, pantograph and catenary, track patrol and high current detection, together with ground intelligent operation and maintenance platform, through the construction of more than 60 health diagnosis models, provide train on-line monitoring, fault diagnosis, fault early warning, fault analysis and other functions, provide data support for train operation and maintenance, improve maintenance efficiency and quality, and reduce maintenance costs. inquiry learned that the second phase of Line 19 is the first line of Chengdu Urban Rail Transit Phase IV construction planning, all 43.17km, from Jiujiang North Station in the west (excluding) to Hejiang Station in the east (reserved), access to Line 18 through Tianfu Station and common line operation to Tianfu Airport North Station, connecting Wenjiang District, Shuangliu District and Tianfu New District, with the compound function of urban express line and airport line.

As a line connecting the double airports, the second phase of Chengdu Metro Line 19 can run at a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour. By operating on the same line with Line 18, it can reach Shuangliu International Airport and Tianfu International Airport as soon as 30 minutes.

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