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Nissan produces 40,000 tablets, and CEO says it will launch 5 computing modules for raspberry pie next year.

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Shulou( Report--, November 29-Eben Upton, co-founder of the Raspberry pie Foundation, outlined plans for the next two products at a Raspberry Jam event in Cambridge over the weekend.

Upton said that daily production of raspberry pie SBC has increased to 40,000, of which 10,000 are raspberry pie 5, but at this stage, supply of raspberry pie 5 is still in short supply, and many distributors are waiting for a new round of delivery.

Upton confirmed that the foundation will upgrade the raspberry pie computing module (Compute Module) and plans to launch raspberry pie computing module 5 in 2024.

Upton also hinted at the launch of a successor to the RP2040 microcontroller chip, and translated part of his speech as follows:

We also know that many users don't like RP2040. This micro-control chip uses Arm Cortex-M0+ architecture, users want to have more memory, higher GPIO, we have a special chip team to promote related products.

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