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Geely Holdings Group signs cooperation agreement with Xilai Automobile on power exchange business

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the noisy clue delivery!, November 29, although there is no official announcement, but according to the scene picture taken by netizens, Geely Holdings will sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Weilai on the power exchange business today, which is the second brand after Changan Automobile to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Weilai on the power exchange business.

This is a contract signed by Geely Holdings Group, which is not a single brand of Geely Holdings, including common brands such as Galaxy and LinkedIn, and even brands such as Lutes, Volvo, Polar Krypton and Polar Star. The two sides will open cooperation in vehicles, power stations and power exchange technology. noted that Geely's Ruilan brand already has a Maple Leaf that supports the replacement mode, but the specifications are different from those of Weilai, so it is uncertain whether it will also launch a replacement model with standard batteries in the future.

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"Weilai will open the power exchange business for the first time and will cooperate with Changan Automobile in four areas."

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