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China Science and Technology Fusion attends Shanghai Jinqiao Intelligence Summit: domestic alternative chips continue to contribute to intelligent manufacturing.

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Shulou( Report--

Driven by demand and technology, the era of robot has roared in.

As an irreplaceable important equipment and means in the advanced manufacturing industry in the intelligent era, the research, development, manufacturing and application of industrial robot is an important symbol to measure a country's scientific and technological innovation and high-end manufacturing level. at the same time, it is also an important part of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

On November 23, 2023, led by the Science and Technology and Economic Commission of Shanghai Pudong New area and the Management Committee of Shanghai Jinqiao Economic and technological Development Zone, the Shanghai Jinqiao Intelligence Summit jointly sponsored by Robot online and Shanghai Jinqiao Group was held in Jinqiao, Pudong, Shanghai. China Science and Technology Fusion, as a leading international advanced optical intelligent sensor chip company, attended this event and gathered with 20 + industry names to bring the latest technology sharing and product presentation.

As an excellent representative of domestic brands, China Science and Technology Fusion has made a lot of R & D investment in technological innovation and technology accumulation. For domestic brands, independent research and development will help local enterprises to get out of the restrictions of robot technical barriers, and faster enhance the ability of industrial technological innovation, from "limited by people" to "independent mastery". China Science and Technology Fusion focuses on the research and development of "AI+3D" independent core chip technology, realizing 100% domestic independent research and development of "3D high-precision MEMS chip" and "3D low-power AI processor chip", laying a solid foundation for the localization of AI+3D chips.

At the scene of the summit, Liu Yuxi, marketing director of China Science and Technology Fusion, delivered a keynote speech on "domestic alternative chips continue to make efforts for intelligent manufacturing". Throughout the market situation of the industry, it was mentioned that the scale of 3D vision market exceeded 100 billion, including significant growth in industry, automobile and fields. it also shows that China Science Fusion, as a global leader in MEMS optical intelligent sensing technology, has continuously achieved core technology breakthroughs over the past 17 years, from laboratory to market-oriented applications. From the high professional scene, with the general core technology to the low-dimensional extension, committed to from China to the global. In the field, Pixel series-flagship high-precision 3D imaging module, MINI series-compact high-precision 3D imaging module and PRO WR- wide-field 3D imaging module are introduced in detail.

Mr. Dong Yupu, head of China Science and Technology Fusion sales, presented awards to the 2023 "craftsman Cup" winners and shared with the audience that China's intelligent manufacturing companies based on advanced vision technology (especially 3D vision technology as a development trend) and all kinds of robot Noumenon have sprung up in front of people all over the world, and in the automotive field. It has firmly and rapidly realized the transformation of traditional thinking from "from mechanization to automation" to "from automation to electrification", as well as the further industrial development concept of "from electrification to intelligence". And has made some ideological and conceptual achievements that lead the development direction of the world automobile. Said that China Science and Technology Integration is willing to actively cooperate with industry partners to work together from made in China to intelligent manufacturing in China, from internal volume of domestic demand to global layout.

"it's a long journey, and I won't stop pursuing it." China Science and Technology Fusion never forgets the core scientific and technological innovation, continues to polish and raise the performance ceiling of deep modules based on MEMS solutions, and continues to use domestic replacement chips for intelligent manufacturing. In the future, the integration of China and Science will continue to empower the industry and make great strides forward for the goal of "changing the mode of production and improving human life".

(Zhongke Fusion won the Outstanding Brand Award of Industrial Robot Application equipment in 2023 "Craftsman Cup")

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