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AITO asked the new M7 to break the record of 100000 "vertical increase" of Selis automobile production capacity.

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Recently, the new AITO M7, which has been on the market for two and a half months, has reached more than 100000 vehicles in Dading, setting another industry record. According to the latest news, the new AITO M7 is expected to deliver more than 23000 vehicles in December and 30000 vehicles per month from 2024. Compared with other car companies in the delivery side can only achieve "climbing volume", Selis Automobile has created a "vertical" strong growth in production capacity.

As a vehicle manufacturer in the deep ploughing industry for more than 20 years, Selis Automobile has profound intelligent manufacturing capability and supply chain guarantee, and continues to improve capacity improvement and supply chain construction to continuously empower high-quality delivery. Selis Automobile Wisdom Factory is based on the international leading technology, with digital, intelligent and Internet of things as the core, adopts advanced manufacturing operation management system and manufacturing process, and responds in real-time and online mode. carry out large-scale customized production quickly and accurately, and empower high-quality delivery with high-level intelligent manufacturing strength.

In order to deliver the new car to users as soon as possible, Selis Motors also introduced the iron triangle mechanism of the supply chain, pulled the product line from end to end, and created an iron triangle team of nearly 300 people composed of R & D, quality and delivery. In the process of vehicle development, Selis Automotive product line, supply chain system and R & D system constitute an iron triangle team to stay in the supply enterprise and coordinate product development, capacity construction, process optimization, yield improvement, chip and other electronic material supply, etc. and take the initiative to go deep into the second-to fourth-level key vertical chain suppliers to manage the quality control and capacity construction of lower materials.

As the vehicle partner with the deepest cooperation, the widest scope and the largest number of vehicles installed with Huawei, in the past three years, Cyrus and Huawei have cooperated deeply to promote the boutique strategy, and the joint AITO model has been widely loved by users and recognized by the market. Zhang Xinghai, chairman (founder) of Selis Automobile, once said that in the era of software-defined cars, it must be professionals who do professional things. Only good at software and hardware companies cross-border cooperation, deep integration, give play to the long board effect, can we really create high-quality automotive products to meet the needs of users. As for the future cooperation with Huawei, Cyrus also said many times: "the two sides are firmly committed to in-depth strategic cooperation. Based on the strategic agreement signed by the two sides to deepen cooperation, we will continue to deepen joint research and development, joint design, serve users wholeheartedly, provide better products and services for AITO users and potential users, and launch more high-end models." Industry insiders said that while launching more high-end models, the two sides will make a demonstration contribution to the electrified and intelligent development of the new energy vehicle industry through in-depth cooperation.

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