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Chinese ships developed independently, "Zhiyao No. 1" intelligent yacht was unveiled.

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Shulou( Report-- November 29 news, November 27, China Shipbuilding Group independent research and development design and construction of medium-sized autonomous navigation intelligent yacht "Smart Boat 1" appeared.

▲ According to the introduction of "three driving control modes + four intelligent functions," the yacht is an important step taken by China Shipbuilding Group to implement the development strategy of emerging marine economic equipment industry, improve the research and development capability of high-end yachts, cultivate emerging yacht market and build the brand of "medium ship intelligent boat."

"Zhizhou No.1" is independently researched and designed by the Shipbuilding Institute under China Shipbuilding Group, built by Yinghui South Shipbuilding (Guangzhou Panyu) Co., Ltd., affiliated to Yuanzhou Technology, and classified into China Classification Society (CCS). The target waters are Hainan Province and Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. inquiry learned that the boat has a total length of 17.8 meters, a boat width of 5.0 meters, a service speed of 16 knots, an aluminum alloy hull and three decks.

In the autonomous navigation mode,"Smart Boat No.1" can realize autonomous route planning and autonomous cruise according to the set starting point, independently identify dynamic and static targets at sea, avoid collision, independently identify dock conditions, cooperatively control the energy power system of the whole ship, and realize autonomous departure and berthing. In assisted driving mode, multi-source perception information can be fused to form assisted route planning and speed decision, providing optimized suggestions for driver control.

"Smart Boat No.1" is equipped with intelligent operation and maintenance function to monitor and evaluate the health status of important equipment on board, and also set intelligent security function. By adopting intelligent means such as yacht perimeter monitoring and fire status monitoring of important places, the yacht operation safety guarantee capability is effectively improved. In addition, it has a variety of smart cabin theme modes that can be controlled by passengers via tablets, voice and mobile apps, enriching the entertainment experience of marine life.

In terms of the application of new technologies and materials,"Zhizhou No.1" adopts carbon fiber flybridge tops independently developed and produced by scientific research institutes under China Shipbuilding Group and anti-roll gyroscopes independently developed. It is equipped with two 441 kW high-speed main engines, two 15 kW shaft generators and one 17.5 kW diesel generator. In particular, it is equipped with a 50 kWh lithium battery and shore power interface hybrid power system independently developed by the scientific research institute of China Shipbuilding Group.

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