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Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun and Taikang CEO Chen Dongsheng serve as the global chief advisor of China Optical Valley.

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Thanks to netizen Johnny for being a little naughty, X42 clue delivery!, November 29, according to the official news of China Optical Valley, the East Lake National Independent Innovation demonstration Zone in Wuhan, on November 28, the 10th anniversary of Wuhan University Alumni and Entrepreneur Association and the 9th Luojia Alumni Forum (special session for entrepreneurs) were held in Changfei Company.

At the scene, Chen Dongsheng, chairman and CEO of Taikang Group, and Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, were hired as the "Global Chief Advisor of China Optical Valley". Amison, Weipeng Group, you Weixin, Zhongxin, Wealth trend, Maisheng Medical, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Jingshan Light Machinery, Zhenglong Insurance, Shenglong Electric, Wuda Jucheng, Yuanqi Technology and other companies have been employed as "China Optical Valley Global Industry Partners". query learned that the Wuhan University Alumni Entrepreneur Association was established on November 28, 2013 and on the occasion of Wuhan University's 120th anniversary, initiated by Chen Dongsheng, to unite alumni entrepreneurs, promote the sharing of resources, and promote the common development of alumni, alma mater and society. Over the past 10 years, through the establishment of Luoga Forum, special funds, etc., to support school-enterprise cooperation, achievement transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Chen Dongsheng said in the report that with the rise of knowledge economy and innovation economy, China is moving from the era of "regional business gang" to the era of "alumni business gang". Wuhan University is the economic highland of alumni in China, creating a trinity Chinese sample of "school-alumni-city". The fraternity will continue to carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit and create a strong innovative and entrepreneurial cultural atmosphere in Wuhan. Cultivate and encourage more entrepreneurs like Lei Jun to help Wuhan become an important innovation and entrepreneurship center in China.

Wuhan University is an important power source for the development of Optical Valley, and the two sides have jointly built a number of innovative platforms, such as the first national university science and technology park, the first new R & D institution in Hubei Province, and the first batch of Hubei laboratories. Alumni entrepreneurs of Wuhan University have established a large number of enterprises in the Optical Valley. Taikang Science and Technology and Great Health headquarters, Xiaomi Wuhan headquarters, Yiwei Lithium Energy Storage Business headquarters, Fortune trend second headquarters, Jingshan Light Machinery High-end Manufacturing Industrial Park and other major projects have taken root in the Optical Valley.

In addition, on the morning of November 29, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, an alumnus of the computer Department of Wuhan University Class 1987, donated 1.3 billion yuan to his alma mater. Lei Jun said that the donation mainly focuses on three directions: supporting the basic research of the six disciplines of mathematics, physics, chemistry, literature, history and philosophy, supporting scientific and technological innovation in the computer field, and supporting the training of college students.

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