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Mobile domain leads car 3.0 era Star Meizu Group wins the Future King of Business Award

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Shulou( Report--

On November 28, the WISE2023 King of Business Conference opened, with more than 100 experts, scholars and elites in the industry having a high-end dialogue around cutting-edge business issues. The conference, hosted by 36 krypton, launched the annual roster of three major enterprises, including "WISE2023 Future Business King of the year Enterprise", and Star Meizu Group won the award of "WISE2023 Future Business King-Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise of the year".

As a very influential business conference in the industry, at the beginning of the new decade, WISE2023 ushered in a major upgrade from "king of the new economy" to "king of commerce". Standing at the forefront of the business wave, the conference is committed to building a future ecological circle in the whole business field, providing new ideas for enterprises to break through the fog, reform and innovation, and link empowerment, and is a high-level platform for communication and cooperation in the whole business field.

As a typical representative of the integration of technology and business, intelligent car has become one of the most active racing tracks in China's industrial system. Xinji Meizu Group is at the forefront of the intelligent travel track and has been valued at tens of billions in two years. As a full-stack intelligent terminal platform for cross-border integration, Star Meizu Group launches deep integration and super collaboration between the consumer electronics industry and the automobile industry around "smart electric vehicles + mobile phones + XR + forward-looking technology", providing users with multi-terminal, full-scene, immersive integration experience. Since its inception, the flagship Meizu 20 series, Flyme 10 and Flyme Auto intelligent cockpit operating systems have been released to open up a new direction of "hand car interconnection" through the combination of software and hardware. The Flyme Auto debut is carried on the Lecker 08 model and has been widely praised by users. The Polestar OS intelligent cockpit system, built on the basis of Flyme Auto, will also be available on the Star 4 model delivered at the end of this year, and Polestar-branded smartphones will be released next year.

With the rapid development of intelligent travel track, Star Meizu Group has attracted a lot of attention at this WISE2023 King of Commerce Conference with its forward-looking strategy and outstanding practical achievements. Xinji Meizu focuses on "enabling the ability of consumer electronics to deeply empower the car" and takes the lead in putting forward the concept of "mobile phone domain", that is, beyond the "sixth domain" beyond the five traditional car domains (power domain, chassis domain, car body domain, cockpit domain, autopilot domain), so that the mobile phone can really integrate into and become a part of the car, continuously providing new functions for the whole vehicle, and effectively alleviating consumers' anxiety about the 'hardware backwardness' of the car.

In the era of the Internet of everything, the trend of intelligence and ecology is promoting the upgrading and transformation of the entire automobile industry chain. How can Chinese enterprises lead the industry and go global in this round of change? Xingji Meizu Group focuses on "software + chips", adheres to the development model of the combination of software and hardware, and works with biosphere partners Yigaotong Technology and Core support Technology to open up the intelligent cockpit industry chain, successfully realizing the mass production of the first domestic car specification level 7 nm intelligent cockpit chip "Eagle 1", and creating the hardware of Yigatong Antola 1000 Pro computing platform. In addition, the Flyme Auto intelligent cockpit system, which is the first in the industry to obtain the Tyre certification of "excellent" fluency, has realized the industrial closed-loop of "own chip", "own platform", "own system" and "own ecology". The award of "King of Future Business-Advanced Manufacturing" reflects the industry's high recognition of the ecological layout and development model of Xingji Meizu Group.

The successful holding of the WISE2023 King of Commerce Conference not only provides a valuable opportunity for communication and cooperation for the intelligent travel track, but also brings more innovative ideas to the industry. In the future, Star Meizu Group will use the concept of "mobile domain" to promote the cross-border integration of consumer electronics and automobile industry, use the layout of "software + chip" to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain, and join hands with global partners. to bring more innovations and breakthroughs in the field of global intelligent travel.

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