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True self GT Neo5 phone pushes realme UI 5.0Public beta update: new transit station, fluid cloud interaction, etc.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens and pharmacists for their clue delivery! news on November 29, according to netizens' feedback, the real GT Neo5 phone has now pushed realme UI 5.0 public beta version × Android 14 public beta update, the version number is RMX3708_14.0.0.86 (CN01), and the installation package volume is 1.03GB.

Updates are attached to

Ubiquitous service

A new form of fluid cloud interaction is added to provide real-time reminders in different forms according to the current service status and content, and get important information at a glance.

Realme UI ubiquitous service smart car space has been added, and the new Car+ couplet can be directly launched into the car-machine system to provide intelligent cross-end services in driving scenarios.

Optimize realme Ul ubiquitous services, add new tourism services, and provide one-stop full-link tourism service recommendation

Wisdom and high efficiency

Add a transfer station to realize multi-device content drag and transfer across applications

New content extraction capability, one-click identification of interface content, that is, click-and-use

A new intelligent matting function has been added to support the identification of multiple subjects in the picture, which can be easily extracted with one button.

New file opening function, which supports previewing files in various formats on the mobile side.

Optimize smart text services, automatically identify copied content and provide corresponding service recommendations, one-click direct service

Upgrade intelligent conference assistant and add support for manual marking and rewriting of key content

Smart interconnection

Optimize the cross-end synchronization experience of portable workbench, improve office efficiency, upgrade my equipment to device space, unified management of interconnected devices, and multi-device control is more convenient.

Optimize mobile phone moving, rapid verification of new phones, and rapid migration of equipment data

Optimize the underlying capabilities of the service framework to enhance the intelligent service experience

Security and privacy

Add a privacy watermark to add a protected watermark to the certificate photo to make it more secure to share pictures.

Optimize photo and video rights management to make application access more secure

Performance optimization

Improve the system stability, improve the application startup speed, and optimize the fluency of animation.

Upgrade the refurbished storage technology, add the ability of compression and file weight reduction, and save the available storage space of the system.

Upgrade memory gene recombination technology to improve application start-up speed

Aquatic design

Upgrade the aquatic color system and adopt a natural, soft and clearer interface style to bring a more comfortable color experience.

New aquatic theme system ringtone, optimize system UI prompt sound effect, improve sound quality

Optimize the dynamic effect of the system and bring fine silky dynamic effect design.

Humanistic care

A new carbon footprint public interest screen is added, which can visualize the environmental protection and carbon reduction footprint according to the dynamic changes of daily steps.

Update the system custom input method to support the display and input of rare words

System optimization

Add static wallpaper

New theme of aquatic design

New connection to Windows

Added screen resolution to support high-definition and ultra-clear picture quality adjustment

Fixed low probability non-response problem of swiping application page screen back and forth

Fixed the problem of fingerprint unlocking in dark environment and low probability flash of information screen clock.

Fix the problem of system probability jamming black screen

Fix the problem of abnormal charging with low probability

Fix the problem of low probability display inversion of car machine

The true self GT Neo5 phone, released in February this year, features a 6.74in AMOLED flexible straight screen, 144Hz refresh rate and 1.5K resolution, and comes in three colors: Violet Fantasy, Holy Land White and Night Black. Equipped with Snapdragon 8 + processor, the phone offers two versions: 5000mAh battery + 150W fast charge and 4600mAh battery + 240W fast charge. The rear position is 5000 million flagship three-camera, and the main picture is Sony IMX 890s.

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