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Haikang Wei TV launches 2TB M.2 2230 solid state drive DK4000 series, which adapts to Steam Deck handset

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for the clue delivery! November 29 news, Haekangwei now launched a 2T M.2 2230 solid state drive DK4000 series, 1TB 459 yuan, 2TB 999 yuan (enterprise price 989 yuan).

This hard drive is based on M.2 2230 interface, uses PCIe 2230 NVMe protocol, Lianyun MAP1602 master, Changjiang Storage TLC granule X3-9070, and may be the third mass production M.2 2230 TLC 2T solid state drive (preceded by Western Digital SN740 and SN770M).

The drive features a four-channel master without buffer and a high-density 3D NAND to achieve sequential read speeds up to 7400MB/s, random 4K write speeds of 1100K IOPS and a maximum load power consumption of 4.2W.

In other ways, this solid-state drive offers a 5-year 1800TBW (1024GB) / 3600TBW (2048GB) life, suitable for handheld game consoles, ultrabooks, and CFe-B storage. Details of parameters attached to Haikangwei (HIKVISION) 2TB SSD solid State disk DK4000 Series M.2 Interface (NVMe Protocol PCIe 4.0) 2230 adapts to SteamDeck handset 999CNY direct link

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