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Lock the ESG press conference of Panasonic 6 constant Climate Station to create a new model of smart home system in the whole house.

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At present, the development of intelligent system in the whole house of smart home is heating up. With the upgrading of consumption quality, smart home system has become the standard of modern families, a smart home life transformation movement is being staged, and behind the intelligent development of the whole house is the strong support of innovative technology. Of course, while people emphasize the intelligence of the whole house, they also continue to advocate the concept of green and low-carbon life. Using green, low-carbon and energy-saving household appliances, on the one hand, can reduce the cost of daily life, on the other hand, it can also protect the environment and achieve the sustainable development of human and nature. Recently, the Panasonic brand held a press conference on the ESG of Panasonic 6 permanent Climate Station, striving to contribute to the cause of green environmental protection from the field of human settlements. Driven by core scientific and technological innovation, Panasonic brings brand-new whole-house space solutions to users. By launching products such as Liuheng Climate Station II and the new whole-house water purification system, Panasonic creates a green, beautiful and comfortable living space for more families. lead the intelligent system of the whole house into a new era.

Intelligent home whole house intelligent system recommended one: Panasonic 6 constant climate station second generation, "wisdom" to create a suitable climate

Home light, temperature, water, air and other factors always affect the comfort of daily home life. Panasonic uses cutting-edge innovative technology to launch the second generation of Panasonic 6 constant Climate Station to optimize the air environment at home, so that every family member can enjoy a rare relaxed, pleasant and comfortable life.

The second generation of Panasonic 6 constant climate station has three modules of air conditioning, fresh air and humidity control, which can optimize and keep the indoor temperature, humidity, fresh air, cleanliness and noise, and can be used in linkage to create a household climate ecology with suitable cold and warm, fresh air, warm and natural. For example, the air conditioning module is equipped with Panasonic nanoeX (Nanoyi X) * technology, which can help remove indoor odors and inhibit bacteria, even if the doors and windows are closed for a long time to turn on the air conditioner, the indoor air remains fresh; the humidity control module specially uses ziaino sub-Yano sterilization technology, which can be sterilized by hypochlorite immersion to create a lasting clean air environment.

In addition, compared with the previous generation, the installation of the second generation of Panasonic 6 constant Climate Station is not limited, and suitable and reasonable installation designs can be found according to different household designs, whether it is apartments, duplex or villas, so that more families can enjoy a good climate.

When it comes to indoor air purification, we have to mention another good thing of Panasonic to create clean air, that is Panasonic breeze ball. Its appearance is spherical small design, can be placed flexibly in the living room, bedroom, study and other places, so that indoor good air everywhere. Specifically, Panasonic breeze ball can simulate the fluctuation law of natural wind, send out different intensity of wind, and realize the alternation of weak, medium and strong wind. It is also divided into sterilization model and comfort model, of which the sterilization model is also equipped with Panasonic nanoeX (Nanoyi X) * * technology, which can inhibit bacteria and remove smell, and take care of every breath of the family.

Smart home whole house intelligent system recommendation 2: Panasonic new whole house water purification system, "wisdom" to create the whole house peace of mind water experience

Nowadays, water that runs through daily life is becoming more and more important, and the whole house water purification system has become standard for many quality families. Panasonic's new whole house water purification system consists of a pre-filter, a central water purifier and a central water softener, realizing the integration of "clean water, drinking water and domestic water" to fully meet the quality water needs of users.

In addition, compared with the old model, Panasonic's new whole house water purification system is comprehensively optimized in design, which greatly reduces the product volume. For example, the pre-filter has been reduced by 64% * ², and the height of the central water purifier and central water softener has been reduced by 10% * ²and 11% * ²respectively, which can be adapted to more households, especially very friendly to small units.

The intelligent system of the whole house of smart home is not only reshaping the family space, but also continuing to meet people's expectations for a smart lifestyle, making more and more users' idealists within reach. Panasonic has been paying close attention to green intelligence, launching products such as the second generation of six constant climate stations and the new whole house water purification system, so that consumers can choose the smart appliances they want according to their actual needs and enjoy a happy and quality life.

* nanoe is the trademark of Panasonic holding Co., Ltd.

* compare the data with Panasonic's original model

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