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Virgin Airlines completes transatlantic flight with 100% sustainable fuel for the first time

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Virgin Airlines, funded by the British government of 53 million pounds, made its first flight of a pure "sustainable fuel" flight from London's Heathrow Airport for a transatlantic flight, reported on November 29.

Photo Source: Simple Note: Virgin Airlines has previously used 50% hybrid alternative fuel, also known as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), completed the test flight, while the test flight VS100 is not manned and is powered entirely by fuel made from butter and other waste.

British Transport Secretary Mark Harper (Mark Harper) said:

Today's 100% sustainable aviation fuel-powered flight shows how we can achieve transport decarbonization now and in the future, reduce life cycle emissions by 70%, and inspire the next generation of solutions.

Rishi Sunak said the flight was "an important milestone in making air travel greener and decarbonizing our skies".

Virgin said flights to New York would show that SAF is a safe alternative to regular kerosene jet fuel.

Photo Source: Sir Richard Sir Richard Branson, founder and president of Virgin Airlines, was also on board. He said:

The world always thinks that something can't be done unless you do it.

Shai Weiss, chief executive of Virgin Airlines, said that sustainable aviation fuel is the only viable solution for decarbonization in long-haul aviation, and we are proud to reach this important milestone, but we need to push further.

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