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Didi responded that the compensation voucher was not available: there are a large number of participants at present, so it is recommended to wait patiently.

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Shulou( Report-- November 29 news, today Didi issued 10 yuan taxi-hailing coupons to all users to apologize and compensate for the previous system failure, and some netizens reported that they had not received it. In response, DiDi App online customer service responded: "there are a large number of participants, I suggest you wait patiently." earlier reported that Didi issued an apology on Mini Program earlier today and compensated all users with 10 yuan coupons. Didi said that for orders affected during the failure period, settlement will be completed within the next 24 hours, and passengers will return the overcharged part if they overpay. At the same time, Didi has prepared a 10-yuan taxi-hailing coupon for all users to apologize and compensate.

It is worth mentioning that the coupon shows that the 10-yuan universal ride-hailing coupon is not limited to car-hailing models, but it is valid for 3 days. Users need to use Didi Taxi before December 2.

Earlier, DiDi apologized again for the system failure that occurred on the night of November 27, while saying that it was initially determined that the accident was caused by a failure of the underlying system software, not an online "attack." the follow-up company will carry out in-depth investigation and upgrading of technical risks, fully guarantee the stability of services, and do its utmost to avoid the recurrence of similar accidents. At present, all services of Didi App have been restored.

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