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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela Limited Edition will go on sale soon

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Recently, the limited edition of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela, a new product of Samsung's second cooperation with Paris haute couture house Maison Margiela, has become the focus of attention. This blockbuster cross-border product has a subversive art design that attracts many consumers. If you want to take this new product into your pocket at 10:00 on November 30, then be sure to lock in the limited release activities opened at 10:00 on November 30 in official online channels such as Samsung Mall, Tmall's official flagship store, Samsung 's own official flagship store, as well as offline authorized Samsung stores, so as not to miss the opportunity to get started.

The limited edition of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Maison Margiela, which was launched jointly by the two sides for the first time last year, has received an enthusiastic response and can be described as a great success. Now, with a high degree of agreement in the spiritual core such as ideas, as well as a deeper level of bold innovation, the two sides have once again brought a brand-new presentation for the pursuit of maverick fashionistas, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela Limited Edition has once again subverted people's understanding of fashion and technology.

In this limited edition of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela, the iconic elements of Maison Margiela run through the packaging, mobile phones and accessories, showing the spirit of challenging norms and bold innovation. The white box made of paper woven book fabric uses a stitch design and adds Maison Margiela's most representative "digital label" pattern. The inside of the box is designed with an exquisite three-layer pallet structure, of which the first layer is the joint protagonist Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela limited edition phone.

The back panel of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela limited edition phone uses the artistic effect of illusion painting (Trompe-l'oeil) to present the internal texture structure of Maison Margiela coat with translucent design, which interprets Maison Margiela's deconstruction idea of uncovering the hidden nature of objects. After starting the phone, the default wallpaper and icons are consistent with the style of the backplane, connecting the advanced customization aesthetics with the user's daily experience.

The second layer of the box is two exclusive protective cases, which also have a very distinct Maison Margiela style. The leather protective shell highlights the concept of "Work-in-Progress" through Maison Margiela's exquisite hand stitching skills. The other is an intelligent theme protection case with two NFC interactive cards, each in ink-splashing design and silver-plated metal style, both with a "digital label" pattern. Among them, the ink-splashing design card is particularly novel, showing the effect of ink scattered freely on the canvas, which is a perfect match with the design theme of breaking through the shackles and seeking individuality of the new products. In addition, after the card is placed in the protective case and then attached to the back of the phone, the corresponding theme will be activated and appear in the phone's wide-field smart screen, which can convey the user's fashion style every time the outer screen is lit.

Finally, the third floor of the box is equipped with chargers, USB data cables and other accessories, these accessories are also added to the Maison Margiela brand logo, echoing the overall design of the joint product.

People have been looking for the intersection of hardcore technology and high-end fashion, and Samsung and Maison Margiela have done so. With Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela Limited Edition, a joint product that combines multi-dimensional innovative technology and technology, users can feel a different technology experience from the past. If you want to be at the forefront of technology and fashion at the same time, come and lock this limited release event and start the robbery at 10:00 on November 30th!

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