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Shun Fung ID service launch: send and receive with custom code

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Thank you, netizens, for your clue delivery! news on November 29, the "SF ID" service is now online. Users can set address book information in the form of custom code, use the custom code as the basis for verifying the recipient's information, and carry out billing and shipping operations for express delivery, and support the encryption of the whole information.

The introduction of attached Shun Fung ID service is as follows:

Information protection: users do not need to provide phone number, address and other details to the sender, but provide a custom code for receiving and mailing.

Convenient to place an order: users provide SF ID, no need to provide detailed address information, and simplify the order issuing process of filling in the mailing information.

Address management: create and manage your own encrypted address book, including taking effect, editing, deactivating, and deleting address book.

The mode of use is as follows:

Create: enter "Shun Feng ID", add information to maintain personal name, telephone number and address, and set a custom unique code for each address, which is randomly composed of 9 digits and letters. Each address book can be marked with an address label, and each user can maintain up to 20 address books.

Management: ID status supports enabling, editing, deactivating, and deleting.

Share: share with the sender by copying or Wechat.

Order: ① express delivery, sender information requires real name; recipient information: click to select SF ID. ② enters or pastes the recipient's SF ID to support user comments. ③ placed the order successfully, only SF ID and user comments are displayed.

Operation: check the express delivery, electronic stub and other interfaces to display Shun Feng ID number, remarks label, provincial and municipal information, and the rest are encrypted and hidden.

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