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2400nits brightness: millet TV S Pro 85 inch Mini LED TV 7599 yuan new low

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Xiaomi TV S Pro 85 Mini LED TV will be sold on October 31, with Mini LED 1000-level division and 2400nits brightness, with a price of 7999 yuan and a daily price of 8599 yuan. sells for 7999 yuan today. The trade-in price is 5%. The hand price starts at 7599 yuan: Xiaomi TV S Pro 85 inch Mini LED 2400nits 4K 144Hz7599 yuan direct link this trade-in support for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other small home appliances, if not, you can go to the second-hand platform to buy one, enough to meet the 20 yuan recycling threshold.

The trade-in of old goods has nothing to do with the quality of old goods, as long as there is a "corpse" of the corresponding goods.

Millet TV S Pro 85 uses 1440 partition Mini LED, peak brightness reaches 2400nits, supports 4K 144Hz variable refresh rate and 4K 120Hz MEMC dynamic compensation, color accuracy Δ E ≈ 1, supports 1.07 billion original color display.

The product is equipped with a master picture quality engine for multi-dimensional analysis of color, color contrast, sharpness and so on. In addition, it is certified by HDR 10 + and IMAX Enhanced to achieve "higher dynamic range and more image details" and supports Dolby horizon / panoramic sound.

This new TV is equipped with a quad-core A73 processor, provides 4GB+64GB storage space, provides 2 HDMI2.1 interfaces, 1 HDMI2.0 interface, 1 USB3.0 interface, 1 USB2.0 interface, 1 Optical fiber interface, etc., and supports VRR variable refresh rate and WiFi6. In addition, the product is certified by AMD FreeSync technology and supports 2ms ultra-low latency.

In addition, the TV is equipped with Xiaomi OS, which can be used as a "house-wide intelligence control center", where users can view and control smart home devices, receive messages pushed by the devices, and have a minimalist mode; there is a voice remote control with NFC function, and the content you watch can be thrown into the TV screen as soon as the phone touches the remote control. Xiaomi TV S Pro 85 inch Mini LED 2400nits 4K 144Hz7599 Yuan Direct Link

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