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Changed to read-only on December 5, and Microsoft deactivated the Technet Wiki document library

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Thanks to netizens Wu Yanzu in South China for the delivery of clues!, Nov. 30, Microsoft is speeding up the phase-out of Technet and MSDN platforms, officials have revealed that it will stop using Microsoft Community Wiki (also known as TechNet Wiki) and switch to read-only mode after December 5.

Microsoft MVP and board member Ronen Ariely said they had received community notification that they would deactivate (decommissioned) / shut down (shut down) TechNet Wiki.

Microsoft said in an official announcement that Technet Wiki will switch to read-only on December 5, 2023. Users will still be able to access the content, but they will no longer be able to edit, add, or add new information.

But Microsoft is trying to archive a small number of English articles. If the user has an article that you want to save, please save it immediately.

Users can use web archives to ensure that they store a copy of your article.

The community committee has archived some English articles that you can visit using the Internet Archives. Other contributors should log in and back up their articles as soon as possible.

Microsoft TechNet is a service launched by Microsoft for IT professionals. Provide technical information and software downloads related to the company's products, similar to Microsoft developer Network (MSDN) service for developers. Note: Microsoft announced in September that the content of MSDN and TechNet has moved to

Microsoft began migrating MSDN and TechNet libraries to at the end of 2017 and completed the migration this year.

These libraries previously provided documentation for Microsoft products, including API documentation, sample code, and technical articles. Initially, content was provided through CD, but later, with the launch of MSDN and TechNet sites, content became available online.

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