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Ferrero's brand: Jianda colorful fun chocolate Weihua 5.5 yuan / bag (Shang Chao 9.5 yuan)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [kinder Jianda flagship store]

The daily price of 9 packs of Kentucky kinder Chocolate Wafer double-bar package is 79.9 yuan, and there is a 7. 20% discount for 1 piece when placing an order.

Add 13 yuan plus coupons and actually pay 9 packages of 49.33 yuan, equivalent to only 5.48 yuan per package:

Tmall Jianda colorful Chocolate Weihua double package * 9 yuan coupons after 49.33 yuan 13 yuan coupons have the original flavor (milk hazelnut), white taste, a total of 2 kinds of flavor can be chosen. self-operated with the same price of 10.50 yuan + freight: click here to see.

The daily price of Qingdao offline merchants is 9.5 yuan:

Crisp waffle + smooth hazelnut milk jam + delicious chocolate, bring multiple tastes at one time, fully awaken your taste buds.

If you don't like this model, the following products are also in the process of promotion:

Tmall Jianda Milk Chocolate 4 * 10 boxes of coupons after 56.6 yuan 17 coupons Tmall Yinong 64% 100% Black Qiao 280g (a total of 2 boxes) 3 yuan coupons Tmall Buke chocolate sandwich egg 3 cans of 85g*3 vouchers 15 yuan coupons baby name: Ferrero Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Production date: 07 / 01 / 2023 to 09 / 30 / 2023

Shelf life: 330

Does it contain cocoa butter: no

Tmall Jianda colorful Chocolate Weihua two-bar package * 9 coupons, 49.33 yuan coupons, 13 yuan coupons, Tmall, milk chocolate sandwiches, 4 bars * 10 boxes, 17 yuan coupons, Tmall, Yinong 64% black Qiao 280g (a total of 2 boxes) coupons, 3 yuan coupons Tmall Buke chocolate sandwich egg 3 can coupons, 14.9 yuan coupons, 15 yuan coupons

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