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Xbox CFO talks about Microsoft's game strategy: focus on AI-assisted development and layout of multiple platforms with the help of cloud streaming

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Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for the clue delivery! November 30 news, Xbox Chief Financial Officer Tim Stuart recently in an interview with foreign media TechRaptor, the current AI industry and Microsoft Xbox "cloud game" layout were discussed.

▲ source Microsoft Tim Stuart shared some examples of AI assistant game development, claiming that this can improve the game development process and lead to better translation and fewer errors.

On the developer side, you'll think of the millions spent on scripts, and AI has a lot of ideas about how to move players from point A to point B, and how to get players to talk to NPC.

Today, developers only need to say,'I need to get players from point A to point B.'to get the insights provided by AI, a million AI robots can test games at the same time to find out where players are stuck, what they think of levels, and how they should pay for these games. noted that Tim Stuart also talked about a subscription-based business model and why Microsoft beat "cloud games".

For us, success lies in maintaining double-digit growth in content and service revenue. If our development rate can exceed the growth rate of the market, we can have a place in the game market.

Xbox's mission is to bring first-party games and subscription services to every screen where games can be played, including smart TVs, mobile devices, competitors' products, and so on.

In addition, Tim Stuart said that regions such as Africa, India and Southeast Asia are not "mainframe platform first" markets, where Microsoft is trying to promote cloud games and mobile platform games. "the console market is about" hundreds of millions ", while for mobile platforms, the potential audience is billions.

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