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Analyst Dylan Patel denies that Apple has cancelled the 5G baseband research and development project, but the difficulties in advancing the project have been delayed several times.

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Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for the clue delivery!, November 30, yesterday there were unconfirmed news from South Korea that Apple decided to stop developing its 5G modem chip after several failed attempts to improve its own 5G modem chip.

However, today's analyst Dylan Patel claimed that Apple did not actually cancel the 5G baseband research and development project, but the project was difficult to move forward, so it encountered many delays, while the "yeux1122" on the South Korean forum was "nonsense."

According to a September report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple's plan to develop its own modem chip has encountered many difficulties, including unrealistic goals, a lack of understanding of the challenges involved, and unusable prototypes. also noted that earlier this month, Bloomberg's Mark German reported that Apple was having trouble developing 5G modems to replace 5G modems used by Qualcomm in iPhone and other products. It is reported that the development of Apple's own modem chip is at an early stage and "may be several years behind its competitors."

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