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Gaode intelligent traffic lights read more than 2 billion times a day, jointly with multi-local traffic police agencies to upgrade intelligent signal service

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Recently, Amap announced that he has reached a cooperation with official organizations across the country around the city's intelligent traffic light service to promote the integration of official traffic light data into map navigation products, making road traffic smoother and users' travel more convenient, efficient and comfortable.

According to reports, the cooperation between the public security traffic police institutions in Xi'an, Lanzhou, Quanzhou, Jining and Beijing Yizhuang and Amap, centering on the deep fusion concept of "sharing, co-governance and sharing" of traffic information, comprehensively promotes the integration of signal state information into Amap's App, and combines Gao de's cutting-edge technologies such as Beidou positioning, artificial intelligence and intelligent transportation over the years to build core computing power. To provide more accurate and efficient intelligent traffic light services for the majority of users.

For example, when a user waits for a red light at an intersection, there is no countdown signal, or in the driveway, a "high-end" bus is in front of him, blocking the traffic light in front of him. Now, in the face of these scenes, Amap navigation can be used to realize the countdown reading of traffic lights in the real world and the reproduction of "mirror image" on App, so as to "have a clear idea" and alleviate the invisible anxiety when waiting or walking at traffic lights.

In addition, based on more accurate real-time light data and travel "cool techs", Amap App can also calculate the "green wave speed range" based on comprehensive information such as the current real-time location of the vehicle, the distance at the traffic light intersection that is about to pass, and traffic flow, so that users can greatly enhance their travel experience through one or more traffic light junctions under the premise of ensuring driving safety.

In addition to cooperation at the data and product level, Amap has also established a normal communication and contact mechanism with multi-local traffic police agencies, feedback real-time traffic conditions to the signal control system, and check and optimize each other with artificial intelligence and intelligent traffic technology, so as to promote signal timing and control to be more intelligent and scientific, and better serve the majority of users.

According to reports, Gaode intelligent traffic light service will be launched in May 2022, which is the first red light countdown service in the industry to "predict" second-level changes on smartphones. Up to now, the daily second reading service provided by Gaode intelligent traffic lights nationwide has exceeded 2 billion.

Now, with the cooperation of official light data access in more and more cities and regions, Amap will further provide more comprehensive, accurate and humanized intelligent traffic light-related travel services. work with local authorities to continuously listen to meet the needs of users, in-depth study of the digital upgrading of traffic management, and help the construction of urban intelligent transportation.

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