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Nissan accelerates the transformation of car electrification and will cut engine models by 60%

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) Nissan plans to reduce the engine models of its new models by 60% by 2028 or later, according to the Nikkei news, because the company is focusing on minicars and hybrids and has basically stopped developing new gasoline engines.

It is said that Nissan currently has nearly 10 gasoline engines, but there will be a significant reduction from 2028. Nissan will focus on the four gasoline engines used in its e-Power hybrid. As a result, the development of Nissan fuel vehicles has basically come to an end.

From April 1 to September 30, 2023, Nissan's consolidated net income increased by 1.4 trillion yen to 6.06 trillion yen ( Note: currently about 293.91 billion yuan), consolidated operating profit increased by 180.1 billion yen to 336.7 billion yen (currently about 16.33 billion yuan), operating profit margin was 5.6%, and net income was 2962 billion yen (currently about 143.66 billion yuan).

Sales in other regions have risen sharply compared with the same period last year, except that the Chinese market has been affected by increased competition in the industry and the accelerated transformation of local brands to new energy vehicles, officials said.

"We have achieved considerable growth in operating profits in the final year of the Nissan NEXT corporate transformation plan, which gives us the confidence to achieve our set goals and achieve sustainable growth," said Cheng Uchida, president and CEO of Nissan. "at the same time, we will take strategic steps to improve our performance in the Chinese market and plan to launch four new energy models in the Chinese market from the second half of 2024."

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