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Ziguang concentric debut at TRUSTECH, releasing the world's first customized eSIM solution for intelligent POS

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Shulou( Report--

On November 28, TRUSTECH 2023 opened in Paris, France. Ziguang Tongxin, a leading semiconductor solution provider, made a stunning debut to showcase its scientific and technological achievements in identification, telecommunications and fields.

In the field of identification, Ziguang Tongxin shows the certificate chip solutions (seafarers' certificates, business passports) that meet the international ICAO standards and have the highest level of security in the world. In the field of telecommunications, standard SIM, SWP-SIM, SWP-SIM-based digital car keys, eSIM wearable devices and other products and terminal applications are all unveiled. In the field, from chip application products such as IC card, visual card, fingerprint card, digital RMB hard wallet, to security special MCU chips suitable for POS, network identity authentication, Internet of things SE, biometrics and other fields, Violet innovation technology has attracted much attention.

Not only that, Zou Zhongren, executive vice president of Ziguang Tongxin, shared the world's first customized eSIM solution for intelligent POS at "Innovation Stage". He said: "at present, intelligent POS needs to insert multiple SIM cards to cover local networks, which consumes a lot of manpower for connection deployment, and the security of inserting and unplugging cards is also relatively weak, affecting business service efficiency and user experience. Our solution is based on world-class security chips, embedded in patch mode, with high information security; supports eSIM online activation, can freely switch operators, saving deployment costs; supports wafer-level personalized services, greatly saves board-level space; and provides customized one-stop solutions to meet different customer needs at home and abroad. " At present, the scheme has been introduced into a number of well-known terminal equipment manufacturers.

Smarter, more convenient and safer, Ziguang Tongxin adheres to this mission, deeply ploughing the field of automotive electronics and smart chips, steadily accelerating the pace of globalization, and doing business in more than 20 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. and look forward to for global customers to continue to create more competitive new technologies, new solutions, to create a better future of the digital economy.

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