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Sensor Tower: the global income of mixed leisure mobile games is rising rapidly, and the mechanisms such as "mowing and eliminating" are easy for players to use.

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Shulou( Report--, November 30, Sensor Tower today released "2023 mixed leisure mobile games market insight", which mentioned that hybrid leisure mobile games with easy-to-use game mechanism, combined with medium games of multiple cash mode, play system and retention strategy, etc., are loved by mass players, and the trend of attracting money has been increasing in recent years. learned from the Sensor Tower report that internal purchase revenue from related games is continuing to climb, from $600 million in 2019 ( Note: current about 4.284 billion yuan) to $1.63 billion in 2022 (currently about 11.638 billion yuan).

The track rally in 2023 is still strong, with full-year revenue expected to rise by more than $2.1 billion (currently about 14.994 billion yuan), with the most significant increase in revenue from action and puzzle mixed leisure mobile games.

Relying on the characteristic play of "Roguelike + mowing", Haibi's "" still has a high income, and ranks first with a domestic purchase income of US $240 million from January to November 2023.

With its unique 3D elimination mechanism and strategy, Triple Match 3D's revenue in 2023 is nearly four times that of 2022, reaching the top of the growth list.

With the launch of popular hybrid leisure mobile games such as, the total revenue of China's top 10 leisure mobile games surged 120 per cent in 2022, according to Sensor Tower. Top10 mobile game revenue continues to grow in 2023 and is expected to approach $600 million for the whole year.

At the same time, the ranking of Chinese mixed leisure mobile games in the global market continues to rise, with the proportion of Chinese mixed leisure mobile games ranking Top30 in the global income list rising from 20 per cent in 2019 to 43 per cent in 2023.

Advertising is no longer the only way to make money in mixed leisure mobile games. From January to November 2023, 93% of the global Top100 mixed leisure mobile games adopted the currency package model, and 74% and 67% of the mixed leisure mobile games used novice gift bags and online activity cash strategies.

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