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[evaluation room] Apple MacBook Pro 16 Deep Space Black experience: elegant "shape", powerful "core"

2024-04-23 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

Apple officially unveiled the MacBook Pro with M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max at its launch at the end of October. The new MacBook Pro comes in 14-inch and 16-inch versions, the overall design is still in the previous generation, and the upgrade is mainly reflected in the chip level.

You know, in January this year, Apple just launched the MacBook Pro 14 Pro 16-inch with M2 Pro / Max chip, and this product line has been updated in less than a year. Therefore, I believe many students will wonder whether the new MacBook Pro is worth starting. And which users are worth starting with?

At present, has got the 16-inch version of the deep space black color matching MacBook Pro. Today, let's take a look at what its actual hand experience is and whether it's worth buying.

First, the new MacBook Pro 16-inch design continues the style of the previous generation in appearance design. The all-metal integrated body and minimalist design are still the classic design language of Apple at first glance.

What got is the newly added deep space black color version of MacBook Pro, which is also the biggest point in the appearance of the new MacBook Pro.

Deep space black is a kind of deep black, with the matte sandblasting process on the delicate surface of the metal shell, there is a pure advanced texture, but also has a more business temperament.

At the same time, the process of dark black and metal sandblasting also makes the surface of the new MacBook Pro more difficult to stain fingerprints. For example, when the editor presses some greasy fingers on the surface of the notebook just after dinner, he can see that although it still leaves an imprint, it is not conspicuous.

Then we look at the B side of the notebook, here is a 16-inch bangs screen, the top, left and right sides of the screen frame is very narrow, coupled with the screen itself is very bright, fine display effect, it looks like a strong visual impact.

If you look at the C side, the keyboard area of MacBook Pro 16 does not account for a large proportion of the C plane, and there is plenty of space for loudspeaker holes on both sides of the keyboard. At the same time, the area of the touch version is also very large. In short, the whole C plane looks more atmospheric.

Then there is the D side of the notebook, which still maintains a minimalist style, with four round foot mats and screws, with the "MacBook Pro" embossed logo in the middle, and no other design elements. And the bottom of the four sides are through a round curve transition to the side, in the transition between the left and right sides, there is a slender heat outlet, for an ultra-high performance lightweight book, the air outlet of MacBook Pro 16 can be said to be very restrained, daily use is not carefully looked at, almost can be ignored.

In terms of interface, the new MacBook Pro 16 has a MagSafe 3 power port, two Leili 4 ports and a 3.5mm headphone port on the left, while a HDMI interface, a Leili 4 interface and a SDXC card slot on the right side of the body.

In addition, the new MacBook Pro 16 is 1.68cm thick and weighs 2.16kg, which is acceptable for the portability of the 16-inch high performance and slimness, and the editor has also taken it on business trips, commuted to and from work, and put it in his schoolbag without a particularly obvious sense of weight.

Overall, the new MacBook Pro 16 maintains Apple's consistent high quality in terms of design and workmanship, while the new deep space black color matching is deep and introverted and more business-oriented. Students who like black should not miss this new color matching model.

Second, performance experience the most important upgrade point of this MacBook Pro series is naturally equipped with Apple M3 series chips, thus achieving stronger professional performance and skills. 's top-of-the-line M3 Max chip has 16 cores of CPU, 12 performance cores and 4 energy efficiency cores, a 40-core GPU that supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and a 16-core neural network engine that supports the highest 400GB/s memory bandwidth. In addition, the 16-inch MacBook Pro also comes with 48GB's unified memory and 1TB's SSD.

In order to further understand the performance of this new MacBook Pro 16, conducted a running score test on it. The first was "GeekBench 6", which scored 3126 points for a single core and a terrifying score of 20777 for multi-core. Compared with the previous M2 Max chip, the single-core increased by more than 15%, and the multi-core directly increased by more than 40%.

Then, the editor used "GeekBench 6" to test the MacBook Pro 16-inch GPU, with a score of 93072 under the OpenCL graphics standard and 152001 under the Metal standard.

Then the editor also used MacBook Pro 16 to run Cinebench R23, single-core 1875pts, multi-core 23981pts, basically close to the previous M1 Ultra.

In terms of disk performance, has been tested with "Blackmagic Disk Speed Test" with a write speed of 6316.0 MB/s and a read speed of 5035.2 MB/s, which is also excellent.

From the running score point of view, under the blessing of M3 Max chip, the paper performance of MacBook Pro 16 is indeed very powerful, proper performance beast, so how is the actual experience? The editor also took the test.

First, uses "Photoshop" on MacBook Pro 16 to open a large 3.9GB. Tif file, and then a Gaussian blur with a radius of 70 pixels, the processing time is only about 6 seconds, which is a real speed for the editor to break the defense a bit. It can be seen that the reading and writing ability of MacBook Pro 16 is very strong.

Then, uses "Final Cut Pro" to edit multiple 4K resolution ProRes format videos, and the import software is divided into three video tracks, which keep sliding the pointer on the video tracks, and the corresponding video sound and pictures can respond quickly without stutter feeling.

Then the editor renders all these videos into a video with a 4K resolution of 3 minutes and 52 seconds. MP4 format, taking into account the high resolution of the video and the transcoding process, it took MacBook Pro 16 about two and a half minutes to render the video, which is quite satisfactory.

Next, did a game test on MacBook Pro 16. The first game is the puzzle game "MYST" mentioned at the press conference, that is, the remade version of "Mystery Island". During the test, the editor pulled the game picture quality option to the highest, with a resolution of 3456 × 2234. After opening the game on the island, you can see that the expressive force of the game screen is still quite amazing, light and shadow, texture fineness are good.

When the game is in progress, the actual frame rate can basically be stabilized around 65fps, and there is no stutter naturally and smoothly.

At the same time, it can be seen that when the game is running, the power consumption of CPU is 1.990W and the power consumption of GPU is 46.234W. The fan can be heard while the game is running, but the sound is not loud. For the gaming experience at this resolution, the power control of the MacBook Pro 16 is excellent.

It is worth mentioning that the game was mentioned in the press conference because it can support the ray tracing function of the M3 Max chip, but the game has not yet adapted to the MacBook Pro 16 at the time of testing. However, this MacBook Pro adds hardware-accelerated raytracing technology for the first time to make the shadows and reflections in the game look more realistic.

The second game is "biochemical Evil: village". When the game is running, the editor also pulls up all the picture quality options with a resolution of 3456 × 2234. When the game is in progress, the frame rate can basically be maintained above 80fps, and there is no stutter and frame drop during the game. As a 3A masterpiece, "biochemical Evil: the Village" performs better on MacBook Pro 16 than the "MYST" we just talked about, which shows that Capcom has also made efforts to optimize the game.

This can also be seen in the GPU power consumption. When the game is in progress, its GPU power consumption is 24.479W and the CPU power consumption is 5.346W, which is a very good performance.

Xiaobian also measured the temperature of the notebook, the hottest place is near the keyboard WASD key, for 41.5 ℃, if you use your own keyboard to play, your hands on the keyboard can feel the machine is hot, but not hot, at the same time the fan can also be heard, play in a normal sitting position, listen to the sound like the mini fan in the smallest gear in summer, there will be no discomfort.

Overall experience, the new MacBook Pro 16 equipped with M3 Max chip, really gives a very professional, excellent performance, very suitable for professional video, graphics workers to use, especially for mobile office needs, this MacBook Pro 16 for professional creation will be very successful. At the same time, what amazes the editor is its performance in the game. On the level that the picture quality can reach or even exceed the mainstream game PC, the power consumption is very restrained, which is really amazing.

In fact, the editor feels that there is no big problem in the hardware performance of playing games with MacBook Pro, mainly in ecology. Apple is also actively expanding and striving to bring more game masterpieces to the Mac platform. Over time, I believe that the game experience of MacBook will no longer be a deficiency.

Third, daily use in addition to super performance, the new MacBook Pro 16 in daily use, there are many other points of interest also left a deep impression on

First of all, it is naturally the Liquid retinal XDR display screen. As soon as you turn on your computer and the screen lights up the wallpaper of the system for the first time, I believe you can directly feel the visual impact. The Sonoma horizon wallpaper picture advances slowly, and the 16-inch large screen plus delicate picture makes people feel that the screen looks at the real world through a small window, as if the screen no longer exists.

Specifically, this is a mini-LED display with 10000 mini-LED beads for group dimming, as well as customized optical films and diffusers to efficiently mix and shape light.

At the same time, the extreme dynamic range allows HDR content to maintain extreme brightness during presentation, with a peak brightness of 1600nit and a contrast of 1000000 1, with bright contrast, dazzling light and dark, and dark to deep darkness. And the display brightness of SDR content has now increased by up to 20%.

The editor uses this MacBook Pro 16 to play a 4K HDR video. Take this sunlit snowy mountain scene as an example, the snow on the top of the mountain is shining directly by the sun, and MacBook Pro 16 restores the glare of the highlights very well without losing the details. If you look at the backlit side of the mountain and the residential area at the foot of the mountain, you can see the shady feeling of the side backlight, but there is no black. The details of the rocks, vegetation and houses are clearly visible, and this XDR screen is very fine about the control of light and shade.

For example, the following blooming scene, in the delicate light and shadow changes, the texture of the petals jump on the screen, there is no extreme dynamic range display ability, can not be so realistic.

At the same time, this Liquid retinal XDR display also supports P3 wide color gamut and 1 billion color display, as well as ProMotion adaptive refresh rate technology, up to 120Hz.

For example, the editor will switch the same photo back and forth between sRGB and DCI-P3 color gamut, through the MacBook Pro 16 screen observation, what is visible to the naked eye is that when switching to the P3 wide color gamut, you can see more colors, reflecting that each ball color transition is more exquisite, while sRGB mode has obvious color block phenomenon in contrast, not bright and bright enough. Due to the limitations of the editor's shooting equipment, this change may not be very obvious, but the actual naked eye can more clearly feel that the MacBook Pro 16 screen does show more delicate and rich color changes.

There is no separation of sound and painting, and after the on-screen display, the sound effect will naturally follow. The new MacBook Pro 16 also continues Apple's tradition of stacking materials for external sound, with a six-speaker acoustics system, two pairs of vibration cancellation subwoofers with two tweeters for excellent amplification in both low, mid and high frequencies, and its spatial audio function supports Dolby panoramic sound to create a three-dimensional sound field.

For example, uses the following Dolby panoramic sound video to test, especially when the magenta ball rotates around the human head model, the drumming sound heard by the editor also has a very obvious sense of encirclement, from the left to the right and then to the front, and when the sound is suddenly drawn closer from far away, MacBook Pro 16 also shows a strong sense of space, as well as the atmosphere behind the simulated basketball game, the cheers of the field and the beat of basketball. The level is clear, the sense of space is sufficient, where the racket is, you can hear it with your eyes closed, as if there is really a person playing and shooting in front of you.

In addition, the MacBook Pro 16 also has a 1080p front-facing camera, which has a more compact and efficient sensor, which can get enough bright and low-noise video even in low light.

Finally, the battery life, the editor also carried out a rough battery test of the new MacBook Pro 16. During a three-hour use, the editor unplugged the power when the battery was 100%. At this time, the power plan set the overall performance output to "high energy consumption" when using the battery, the screen brightness and system volume were 50%, the Bluetooth keyboard was connected to the Wi-Fi network, and the editor kept writing during this period. Interspersed with video clips of 1080p, photo retouching, web browsing, playing 1080p online video, Wechat, QQ, nail and other chat software, I chatted with colleagues and friends from time to time, and then, I had a video call with QQ for about 25 minutes, which was the normal working state of the editor. Three hours later, the remaining power of MacBook Pro 16 is 77%. According to this battery life level, the editor will continue to work for another six or seven hours without being plugged in for a day, which is basically no problem.

Fourth, the conclusion of the overall experience, the editor's feeling about the use of this full-blooded version of MacBook Pro 16 is: if you do not consider the difference between the macOS system and the Windows system, this MacBook Pro 16 will have no shortcomings except that it is more expensive. Among them, the most impressive is the M3 Max chip's strong performance and energy consumption ratio, while its amazing screen quality and external sound effects, I believe it will also become a factor to attract many video and creative workers.

As for the question of whether it is worth buying, this full blood version of M3 Max blessed MacBook Pro 16 costs 31999 yuan, powerful, but it is indeed more expensive, but I believe that for most users, it may not necessarily be able to use such performance, then 14-core M3 Max and M3 Pro version of MacBook Pro 16 may be more worth considering, in addition, if you do not have much demand for a large screen, then the brand new 14-inch MacBook Pro can also be started.

In addition, if you used to be a user of M1 or M2 series MacBook Pro, then this M3 series MacBook Pro may not need to be upgraded in a hurry, you can squat for a wave of follow-up price cuts or directly consider the next generation, of course, students who are not short of money can go directly. If you used to be a slim book user of Windows PC, it would be a good choice to upgrade the M3 MacBook Pro to feel the performance, energy efficiency and ecological experience of Apple, but in the end, you need to consider it according to your own needs. Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch M3 Max chip (16-core CPU 40-core GPU) 48g 1T deep space black notebook MUW63CH / A31999 yuan direct link

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