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The new fashion order is powerful! Trend actress with glory 100 series of deductive photos of the new "purple"

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Shulou( Report--

In today's era of the pursuit of personalization, the traditional mobile phone appearance has been difficult to meet people's desire for ever-changing style, fashionistas begin to love the original design which breaks through the rules and is full of charm. Recently, Honor released star fashion blockbuster Zhang Tianai, Zhang Yuxi, Zhao Xiaotang, Wang Yuwen and other young actors holding the Glory 100 series, passionately interpreting a new mobile phone fashion aesthetics and unlocking the new "purple" of fashionable life.

As inborn beauty inner entertainment stars, their charm has long been known, but against the Glory 100series, each shot can exude a different temperament-Zhang Tianai holds the "Monai Purple" style pose aura in full bloom, Zhang Yuxi unlocks the full record of beauty makeup under Zhang Yuxi's lens, Zhao Xiaotang uses the new purple to record the cool winter OOTD, Wang Yuwen tastes the food selfie on camera. All show their love for the Glory 100 series. And the neutral purple makes everyone's fashion shape more lively, showing elegance and nobility. It can be said that there is no need to pay too much attention to clothing, a Glory 100 series is enough to show the original charm of the stars.

The design of Glory 100 series "New Art Aesthetics" is the key to inspire the advanced aesthetic sense of the actresses. It is understood that the brand-new design language of Glory 100 series comes from the New Art Movement. Inspired by the masterpiece of the peak of this period, the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi's architectural work Mira House, the Glory 100 series breaks the convention and breaks through the absolute symmetry of absolute rigor and reason by exploring the balance between order and disorder. bring a new "new art mirror" avant-garde design on the camera module and construct mirror symmetry in irregularities. Burst out a sense of elegant and unique visual beauty in the overall simple outline.

The perfect connection of glass and rattan embossed skin, through the perfect transition of two kinds of purple, creates an ingenious sense of layering and relaxation; with ergonomic curved screen and light and thin fuselage emitting soft light and shadow texture, not only anti-skid but also not easy to leave fingerprint traces, hold in the hand feel light and comfortable.

The imaging ability of the Glory 100 series has also been released through the mirror of the new art, becoming a new photographic partner for recording a good life. Even in the shadow, strong light, and even dynamic snapping, the Glory 100 series can hand over wonderful portraits, showing a transparent and soft skin texture, cordial and natural.

This is due to the innovative "SLR photo camera" in the hardware launch of the flagship Sony IMX906 outsole sensor, coupled with a comprehensive upgrade of the portrait engine, to achieve the SLR level of natural virtual and light-sensitive hair, but also according to the character's different facial conditions, customized AI fine-tuning and facelift, with a golden ratio effect to make the portrait more beautiful, so that every shot is photogenic.

It can be said that the new Glory 100 series does not cater to any of the current fashion trends, but allows consumers to get rid of the sense of restraint, express their unique personality and focus on pleasing themselves as much as possible. it is also the epitome of scientific and technological idealism that is determined to forge ahead on the 3rd anniversary of Glory Independence and is not reconciled to being defined, thus creating a milestone for each generation of Glory digital series to constantly refresh the gear phone milestone. The Glory 100th series will be officially launched across the platform on December 1st. Friends who want the new "Purple" model of get stars can buy it in advance and feel the full marks brought by the Glory 100s series.

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