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Car companies who understand the car emperor's winter test show up on the public day: only when they come will they know that they have reached the extreme.

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The heated discussion over the results of the 2023 winter flight test of Chetti continues. On December 14, Zhe Di held a winter test open day in Mohe, where 25 groups of car companies, media, industry organizations and user representatives were invited to watch. The test results show that the results of the Open Day test are not much different from the previously published ranking of the flight test.

This test is the pure electric life test of the plug-in / extended-range model. According to the test process announced by the car Emperor, the vehicle will rest for a period of time after being fully charged and filled with fuel, and all vehicles will start at the same time. After preparing and installing the shooting equipment before the test, the test will begin. The air conditioner will automatically drive for 24 ℃ and drive in formation until the engine starts and exits.

The live screen shows that before the official start of the test, the car understanding emperor introduced the vehicle preparation process in detail, which is completely open and transparent, in order to ensure that various settings such as electric mode, air conditioning temperature and other variables are basically consistent. But the host said frankly that the weather of-40 ℃ differs greatly from the previous test of minus 20 degrees, but the consistency of the process ensures a relatively objective result.

The live broadcast took a total of 81 minutes to prepare and was carried out under the witness of the car company and the webcast. From the point of view of the scene, it does take a lot of time to prepare for testing in the cold environment, and many equipment cannot be set up at all in the cold environment. After experiencing the preparation link, some people in the car company said: when they didn't come, they thought it was too crazy, when they came, they thought it was too reliable, and they achieved the extreme in the existing environment.

The range test officially began around 09:25, with a total of six models participating in the test. The first car to withdraw from the race was the Leck 08, which only ran 6.5 kilometers before the engine intervened. The second car to withdraw from the race is the M7. The engine intervened when the power battery was 31%, and the pure electric ran 10.6 kilometers. The third person who withdrew from the race was Weipai Gaoshan 17.4 km, and the engine intervened when the electricity was 29%. The fourth car that withdrew from the race was the Tengli D9, with 24% of the power engine involved and Pure Electric running 18.9 kilometers. The fifth person who withdrew from the race was Lanto FREE, who ran 36.8km. The last person to withdraw from the race was to look up at the U8, ran 65.5 kilometers, and the engine intervened when the electricity was 23%.

A few days ago, the understanding car emperor released the 2023 understanding car emperor winter test range test results, the M7 extended range ranked at the bottom with a range rate of 31.6%, causing heated discussion. Subsequently, Huawei, Great Wall Automobile, Geely and other lower-ranked car companies have publicly questioned the understanding of the car emperor winter test rules. However, the final test results on the public day show that they are not much different from the results of the first round of winter tests.

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